As soon as Li Feng thought about it, he knew the reason and immediately promised to go.

As soon as they arrived at the department store, they met a woman. She went to Lincheng and said with a smile, \”when did you come back?\” she looked at Li Siyu and looked at her eyes. Li Siyu looked at Lin Cheng curiously. Ouch, what\’s the situation? Lin Cheng looked indifferent and nodded to the girl, \”I\’ve been back for several days.\” he turned to Li Siyu and said, \”this is mayor Zhu\’s eldest daughter, Zhu Yiting.\” \”this is my object, Li Siyu.\” he wanted to introduce him as his daughter-in-law, but considering that the two people were not married, he didn\’t say that. Zhu Yiting obviously breathed tight, and then nodded to Li Siyu with a smile, \”hello.\” Li Siyu also smiled back politely. It can be seen that she took herself as a rival in love. However, Li Siyu is not afraid of her. Although she looks very good, now the object of Lincheng is herself, and she can\’t help it. Just looking at Lin Cheng\’s attitude towards her, we know that Lin Cheng doesn\’t like this woman at all. Otherwise, because she is the daughter of mayor Zhu, she won\’t be so indifferent. Zhu Yiting held her breath, but she knew that the two people could not be together at all. \”Let\’s go first.\” Lin Cheng knew that his daughter-in-law came to buy gifts, so he couldn\’t delay too long. It\’s rare to go out with her. He doesn\’t want to waste valuable time for unimportant people. Zhu Yiting nodded awkwardly, and then watched the two people leave, her heart couldn\’t help being sour. She really doesn\’t understand why Lin Cheng cares so much about that woman. Zhu Yiting didn\’t look much and left here. Anyway, Lin Cheng can\’t be together. For her, Li Siyu just came to Lin Cheng quietly and didn\’t get too close. After all, there are many people outside, It\’s not easy to be generous. \”What\’s the matter? There are many little sisters chasing you.\” Li Siyu looked at him with a smile. Listening to her jealous words, Lin Cheng couldn\’t help but lift up the corners of his mouth, \”why, I\’m jealous.\” he smiled and said, \”don\’t worry, you\’re the only one in my heart.\”