The effect of this medicated diet passed day by day, and she was used to it after all.

Li Siyu looked at the old lady. There was only one baggage and a radio. They had nothing to pack. \”Take all the food in the kitchen. I\’ll go to school for food and shelter without food.\” Li Siyu thought, anyway, I\’d better bring them food. The old lady nodded and agreed, \”OK, boss, just take it away.\” She listens to Li Siyu. Anyway, her daughter listens to everything she says. Li Siyu can\’t take the grain with her, and now she can sell it without the money. Her daughter\’s monthly salary is dozens of, and she\’s a little short of something. The most important thing the old lady knows is that Li Siyu is afraid that she will be wronged when she goes back. If she has food, she can be tough. Chapter 223: hard scalp and rebirth with the warehouse chapter 223: hard scalp, old lady She sighed in her heart. It\’s still the old girl\’s kindness. She can take care of her in everything. It\’s a pity for her to go back to provide for the elderly. Li Siyu really thinks so. With food and money, the old lady can be tough at the eldest brother\’s house. We didn\’t eat yours or drink yours. Why are you so jealous? Go to the kitchen and take out the noodle bag. There are more than 50 kilograms of white flour and more than 30 kilograms of rice in it. She took out another bag Come out and put 20 kilograms of rice noodles in a big sack. \”Can you hold it?\” Li Siyu also wanted to bring him some soybean oil. I\’m afraid he couldn\’t take it. Although you can take a bus at the station, you still have to go a long way. How can you go this way? Li Siguo looked at the big sack on the ground and weighed it and said, \”nothing, more than 100 kilograms is nothing.\” \”It\’s not so good. You can carry it.\” the old lady said indifferently. \”Your eldest brother works in the team and resists 200 kilograms at a time. He doesn\’t take a rest when he walks two miles.\” This thing is nothing. The old lady thought that an old man can\’t carry grain. Li Siguo thought that it\’s more than 100 kilograms. It\’s OK. It\’s enough for him to have more. But my mother boasted and hardened her head. If you give him a load of grain, he can carry it home and trot all the way. Li Siyu looked at them. They didn\’t look like boasting, so he was relieved. \”OK, I still have 20 kilograms of soybean oil with me.\” can I take back what I said before