Today, I saw Shen Ling\’s refusal, and I was very anxious. I can\’t let people get along well with Mu Zhao, and even let Shen Ling become zhao\’er\’s concubine today.

Secretary Niu has too much backlog of work. Since Li Siyu writes well, it\’s nothing to let her share it. Compared with the former Secretary Wen\’s narrow-minded, Secretary Niu is a person who focuses on the overall situation. Anyway, it\’s a secretary\’s office. Everyone works for Vice Mayor Cao. Completing the task is what he thinks is important. Therefore, Secretary Niu doesn\’t care who will complete the work. As long as it is completed well, it is important. Li Siyu began a busy day again. She still likes busy work very much. Doing nothing is really not suitable for herself. It\’s too early to provide for the elderly. It\’s not too late to provide for the elderly in the future. Now live a young and struggling life. \”Secretary Li, don\’t you go to dinner?\” Secretary Niu saw that Li Siyu worked so hard and didn\’t even eat. He was more dedicated than himself. Li Siyu raised his hand and looked at his watch. It was eleven o\’clock. It was busy and time passed quickly. \”I\’ll go now, Secretary Niu. You go first.\” she smiled. After all, people are kind to remind. Of course, you should have a better attitude. Secretary Niu shook his head. \”The work can\’t be completed in a moment. Pay attention to your health.\” then he took the lunch box and left. Li Siyu moved her muscles and bones. She really didn\’t want to forget to eat and sleep. She just forgot the time all at once. Taking the lunch box to the canteen, Li Siyu saw Peng lingman waving to her. \”Come on, come on.\” Peng lingman waved to her excitedly. Li Siyu nodded to her in wonder. He went to have dinner first. The food was good today, and there were dumplings. Li Siyu asked for a steamed dumpling with pork and pickled cabbage, and then went to Peng lingman\’s table. \”What\’s the matter?\” Li Siyu sat down and asked. She looked at the excited little woman opposite and looked puzzled. Peng lingman couldn\’t help beating the drum when he saw her puzzled. Isn\’t it her? She took out a newspaper, pointed to one of the pages and said, \”didn\’t you write this?\” Li Siyu saw the article she submitted that day at a glance along the place she pointed out. It was really fast. \”I wrote it.\” Li Siyu put a steamed dumpling in his mouth and bit half of it. It tastes good, but there is too little meat. Peng lingman said excitedly, \”didn\’t you read the newspaper?\”