Li Feng was stunned for a moment. Now he knows why his majesty looks at Miss Shen differently. Obviously, he is a person who can feel her mood with everything written on his face, but he tries to pretend to be quiet. How can he not make people feel pity.

They will do nothing but good. Li Si Nong is OK. He does his best to help his family every time. She didn\’t know Li Sinong\’s embarrassment, but she couldn\’t help it. Her family was poor and she had to let her do it. Li Siyu smiled and hugged the old lady\’s arm and said, \”Mom, the good days are still ahead. Just eat and drink well and wait for me to be filial to you.\” the old lady kept in mind both her previous willfulness towards the original owner and her unconditional trust in herself. Even her grandmother was not as kind to her as the old lady in her last life. But they are all her relatives and are not comparable. The old lady\’s maintenance made her believe that she would be filial to her in the future. someone else? It\’s good for the old lady. She\’ll be promoted. Isn\’t it good? Stay where it\’s cool! \”Well, well, I\’ll take care of your children when you have a little grandson.\” the old lady smiled and patted her on the shoulder. Li Siyu: I\’m only seventeen, mom. But she didn\’t interrupt the old lady\’s interest. Li Siyu listened to what she said. In the next few days, Li Siyu thought about buying white ash and some red brick cement as partitions every day. She went to see the house assigned by the factory and separated a big bedroom. She plans to separate two small bedrooms and build a small kitchen outside the house. There is only a Kang in the big house, and other huts are dozen beds. There is an old bed in the house where I live now. I gave it to Li Chengcai. Li Siyu made himself a new bed, and then the old lady lived on the Kang. She didn\’t plan to build a shed outside. She contacted Gao Yuan and bought a lot of cement and red bricks, which cost more than 200 yuan. Just making this kitchen took a week. There was no way but to have no idle people.