This makes mother Chen swear every day, even Shen Ling.

Fang Yang took a faint look at the dead body on the ground. There was no joy or sorrow on his face. He just saw another general of the Longyuan Dynasty die. It was good news for him anyway. Along the way, the top ten Dragon Kings died and rebelled. The only thing left was Sima Xiangshan, the crystal dragon king in front of him! Chapter 832 power of the crystal dragon \”Ah, Sima Longjun is so angry. I\’m just kidding. I killed him like this?\” Fang Yang took his eyes away from Liao Xingwen and said with a smile. He also saw Sima Xiangshan. In fact, Sima Xiangshan vaguely felt something wrong when he took the shot. If Liao Xingwen really wanted to help Fang Yang, he wouldn\’t have to stay with him for so long. He had a lot of time to sneak here and find him Find something of value. Moreover, I have never heard Liao Xingwen have any contact with Fang Yang? If I had doubts just now, Sima Xiangshan still doesn\’t understand that he was cheated by Fang Yang when I heard Fang Yang\’s words. After listening to Fang Yang\’s joking words, especially seeing the obviously provocative smile on his face, I just feel stuffy in his chest and depressed in his heart Knot, I wish I could spit out a mouthful of blood. Sima Xiangshan\’s face was blue and purple and roared angrily: \”you son of a bitch, I want you to die!\” He didn\’t pay much attention to Liao Xingwen\’s death, but he was deceived by Fang Yang, which was a great shame to him! Sima Xiangshan moved and rushed towards Fang Yang again when he was angry. The Dragon Power flowed between his hands, and the golden light floated out and photographed Fang Yang one after another. Roaring. Two palm forces tore the sky, one left and one right The right side bumped into Fang Yang. \”Just in time, let me see what the gap between us has reached!\” Fang Yang\’s eyes twinkled. Facing Sima Xiangshan\’s strong attack, he not only did not shrink back, but his war intention increased greatly. After breaking through to the half immortal realm, Fang Yang didn\’t have a clear understanding of his strength, and now, it\’s undoubtedly time. The palm strength hit his face, and Fang Yang\’s wrist shook, which was also a palm shot. The palm strength touched and shocked. In the middle of the sky, yin and Yang dark Qi collided with the violent dragon power, and the whole sky seemed to be trembling. The wind swept, and the rocks under them burst and broke. Fang Yang and Sima Xiangshan were not affected at all during the attack. The fight also opened the horn for the two to fight the enemy.