Thinking like this, the more you think for a moment, the more reasonable it is, and it is more reasonable than what you thought before. Shen Ling\’s heart just settled down and couldn\’t help saying to herself that she really took it for granted for a moment. Your majesty, how can a person who manages everything every day think of himself.

Xuanqi enters the body and flesh and blood recovers. After a long period of severe pain, some broken bodies began to recover quickly under the action of pure Yang Xuanqi. Just like the damaged dam being filled and reinforced by people, once it is restored, it will be more tenacious than before! The promotion of flesh and blood is on the one hand, the mysterious Qi of Fang Yang has increased, which is higher than before. However, this time, there is no opportunity to use the chaos of yin and Yang, so that the progress of the intersection of yin and Yang has not made progress, but this is also a good thing. After all, Fang Yang still clearly remembers the saying of \”Jueyuan land\”. However, it\’s not clear what this Jue yuan land is for the time being. This time, what surprised Fang Yang most was the change of the spirit. First, there was the repeated refining of the soul breaking curse, which made the divine soul more tenacious and bright like glass. Then, from heimu\’s hands, he got the \”all faces and all ghosts\” of the complete inheritance of the black soul tribe, which really benefited a lot. Fang Yang had already fully experienced the power of this sect\’s many ministers and ghosts. There are not many means to turn the spirit into combat power. There must not be only one time when flesh and blood are limited. At that time, Fang Yang, who can use many faces and ghosts, will certainly have a great advantage. What\’s more, the improvement of the ghost\’s strength seems real. Although Fang Yang can\’t remember clearly, he still recognizes the ghost\’s own strength. \”Kill the black tower and kill the evil spirits. The matter here is over. Next is the blood of the black dragon,\” Fang Yang murmured. Although the trip did not break the shackles of the black dragon\’s blood on his body by relying on the curse of the black soul tribe, Fang Yang also has a general direction now. Specifically, it is about the evil spirit. The first is to kill 13 evil spirits, the second is to kill the huge evil formed by the evil spirit, and the third is to fight the black tower of the evil spirit leader. In each confrontation, Fang Yang knew that the black dragon\’s blood in the sea would have some touch, which had to let Fang Yang connect the black dragon\’s blood with the evil spirit. Although they didn\’t know what the specific situation was, they also gave Fang Yang some hope. The reason why evil spirits can not function on the blood of the black dragon must be that there is too little evil spirit Qi in their bodies, and even the evil spirit Qi in the black tower is not enough. Since these evil spirits are not enough, what Fang Yang is looking for is naturally the root. The land of the black soul tribe! He learned from the classics that the black tower fell in the land of the black soul in the past, and it is related to the blood of the black wild beast. As long as he can find that place, there is a great chance for Fang Yang to get rid of the shackles of the blood of the black dragon! Chapter 773 Fang Yang, the former site of the black soul, adjusted his breath in the secret room for seven days. After seven days, Fang Yang went out of the pass. At the moment when he completed his breath adjustment, the fire dance among the black soul tribes filled the air and the ground trembled. Waiting for Fang Yang to come out of the secret room, his state was not at the same level as before. At this time, Fang Yang\’s face was handsome and his demeanor was full. If a warrior at the fire fan level perceives Fang Yang, he can clearly feel the blood gas flowing in his body. Fang Yang\’s blood gas is as strong as a waterfall falling and ten thousand horses galloping.