I saw the Lord of Chenghe county come in, and just now I saw the man\’s face. He was graceful, gentle, beautiful and beautiful. For a moment, a trace of jealousy flashed in his eyes. This man was too beautiful. When he thought of the news he had heard before, he remembered who this man was.

At the same time, bursts of painful roars and howls gushed out from behind the copper door, just like ten thousand drums beating together. The sound was so shocking that even Fang Yang was startled. He looked through the smoke at the scene behind the copper door. Behind the copper gate is a huge hall. The hall is spacious. At this time, there are many special artifacts in all directions. The artifacts are connected in series. The whole palace is like a huge factory. Countless martial artists walk around and look at their clothes. All of them are people from the non heavenly Alliance. In addition to them, there are many martial artists who are bound between different artifacts, and bursts of miserable howls are emitted from their mouths. Fang Yang looked more and more frightened. This huge palace is like the land of Shura, full of all kinds of bloody smell. This is their secret place without heavenly alliance, the so-called dragon soul hall? Chapter 713 the dragon soul marries Fang Yang and looks into the dragon soul hall. With the help of the spirit, the scene is also clear. There are a lot of artifacts in the huge hall. Every artifact is engraved with mysterious Dharma arrays. Most of these Dharma arrays are used to gather souls and draw souls, which is quite insidious. At the source of all the artifacts, Fang Yang was surprised when he saw there. At the source of the utensil, there is a huge white bone skeleton. There is only one section of white bone, which should be separated from life, but it is also more than ten feet. If it is only white bone, it is nothing, but Fang Yang obviously feels that the dragon power filled in the hall is emitted from it. Keel?! He was shocked that there was a keel in the hands of wutianmeng? If you look carefully, the keel is the source of the utensils and the main role of the Dharma array. The light of the Dharma array flows and draws the dragon power from the keel with a strong force, emerging in a steady stream. The keel contains rich dragon power, which is almost endless like a vast sea. If you can absorb the dragon power with the keel, it is enough to create countless dragon cards, even the Golden Dragon cards are in large numbers. No wonder what Hong Nanxing said, even if he gave Fang Yang Ten Golden Dragon cards, he didn\’t seem to say it casually. But this hall is obviously not the place to create dragon cards. Not to mention anything else, it can be seen from the screams around that the objects of the FA array draw dragon power from the keel and do not cross into the dragon card. On the contrary, they hold more dragon cards on the objects around them, but provide dragon power for them. The power in the keel is to cross into the howling warriors through utensils. The dragon power into the body is the reason why they scream. Human experiment?