Seeing this, Du Ling immediately shut up.

Who is it? Where did the previous white light come from? Tianjun\’s eyes looked in front of him. I don\’t know when a figure had stood out and stood in front of him. The body is upright and straight. It seems that there is a sharp spirit flowing between his hands and feet. When Tianjun saw this back, he had a strange sudden in his heart and subconsciously said, \”sword emperor?\” only the sword emperor can release such sharp sword spirit. But as soon as he said it, he felt something wrong. Don\’t say how badly the sword emperor has been hurt. It\’s more miserable than him. How can he still have combat power. The figure in front of me is much younger than the sword emperor. The breath of the sword emperor is undoubtedly sharp, but it also shows a sense of vicissitudes and reading the world of mortals. But the figure in front of him is different. He is vigorous and contains unlimited possibilities and future. Who is it? Have you ever had such an expert in the nether passage? When Tianjun was stunned, a voice of laughter came from his side: \”it\’s probably the same as the sword emperor. It\’s not wrong to give him my name.\” Tianjun turned his head and saw that there were several figures at one side. Li mubai, Lu Erba, and the sword emperor with a smile on his face. Are they okay? Tianjun was surprised. Previously, he burst out his strongest thunder punishment. How can he resist the power of even the Dharma phase. If the sword emperor is in good condition, there is nothing to block, but you can see that the breath on the sword emperor at this time is obviously that the heavy damage has not healed. His eyes carefully swept around, and he saw what should have been the destroyed palace. There was a complete space of about ten steps left here. Even the bluestone ground was still intact and completely preserved, blocking his own thunder punishment? Tianjun\’s eyes were wide open. Looking at the appearance of several people, needless to say, he knew that they didn\’t block it. Then there was only the previous figure. \”Who is that?\” Tianjun couldn\’t turn his mind for a moment. \”Ha ha, who else can there be?\” the sword emperor smiled. \”Fang Yang? That boy?\” Tianjun was stunned. Is that him? How could it be? Although Tianjun also admitted that Fang Yang was indeed a very gifted martial artist, he had such Kendo cultivation at a young age, which was terrible. Give him a period of growth experience. Over time, it must be the existence of the top five of the Dragon list. But admitting his talent doesn\’t mean admitting his strength.