Mammy, please walk slowly. I dare not express any anger.

After the evil hunger swallowed Fang Yang, he looked for the next goal again. Jiang Fen\’s invisible sword Qi moved. Although he could not hurt the evil hunger, his action could not be completed smoothly with the obstruction of the sword Qi. The other side. While Fang Yang ran into his hungry mouth, he was filled with dark Qi. The big sun cover floated out and wrapped himself in it. It was suddenly dark all around. He was hungry and his whole body was chaotic. Except for rotten teeth and long tongue, there were no organs in it, not even throat. After Fang Yang entered it, he could only feel the darkness around him, as if he had rushed into the vortex. The scope of the little body of evil hunger is enormous. Fang Yang enters it, and the endless darkness around him devours it. With the effect of dissolution, it quickly digests the big sun mask around Fang Yang. In this, he can clearly feel that there is a terrible Dharma array in the hungry body. With the power of Dharma array, he can quickly dissolve the things in his mouth and turn them into his own mysterious Qi. This digestive array plays an extraordinary role. When it\’s only a few breaths, the big sun mask around Fang Yang flickers and seems to disappear at any time. He took a deep breath, and the pure Yang Xuan Qi moved all over him. It was also a blessing on the big day mask, which finally stabilized the state of the big day mask. \”It\’s really like this in the hungry belly.\” Fang Yang whispered. He is not desperate. When he decides how to do it, he is a little sure. Previously, under the action of the dragon eye pupil, Fang Yang was able to see the special Tao patterns in the body of evil hunger and found that the Tao patterns in his body were dense, not the human body. Therefore, he dared to put all his eggs in one basket and enter his mouth. It is difficult to break the core outside. If you do it from the inside, it will become much simpler. Now that he has entered it, Fang Yang has not wasted time and acted directly. The blue light on the nine palaces sword flickered. One sword was cut out and torn in the dark. The vortex swallows endlessly here with great suction. Fang Yang wants to break through the array with a strong blade. The heavenly eye divine light formula works. Although it is not as good as the dragon eye pupil, it can see through the appearance of Taoist patterns, but with the strong and keen spirit of Fang Yang, it can also vaguely feel the end of the darkness around. At the end, there must be the key core of evil hunger! His body rushed forward, and the nine palace sword in his hand was cut out again and again. Where he passed, the darkness was torn, and Fang Yang would move forward in an instant. After his body moved forward, the darkness behind him continued to close, like a tide. Fang Yang walked slowly. The closer he was to the end, the more powerful the suction around him became. The swallowing ability of the Dharma array increased greatly. Fang Yang only felt that his mysterious Qi was consumed quickly, which was three to five times faster than before! Fortunately, Fang Yang reached the level where dragons and tigers met. The swirling flow kept the dark Qi in his body. Otherwise, he was afraid that he would have died here long ago. I don\’t know how long he went forward. After Fang Yang cut off with a sword, he was no longer in boundless darkness, and a red light floated in front of him. When Fang Yang was swept away, his body was in shape and his face was dull.