Zhang Xuewen read the plan again and again excitedly, and couldn\’t help nodding.

After some observation, I saw that the Ju Luo and the tiger and pig under him had become a whole. Their flesh and blood were fused and their mysterious Qi was connected. They were like a half beast and half man monster. \”Dad, what\’s going on?\” Luo Xiaoyu in the distance was also surprised. It was obvious that Fang Yang could not resist the attack of Luo at this time. Luo Xiaoyan said in a deep voice: \”Tiger pig Ju Luo, although his rank is not high, it is also because his cultivation is not strong enough. In fact, his attack means are special, which is more troublesome than more than 100 people in the general dragon list. The tiger pig under him is a kind of special demon, which can attach rigid force and tremble the air. Combined with his own mysterious Qi, each palm is actually to ferry his own mysterious Qi into the air , the air is trivial and diffuse, and when you are in front of each other, you will burst out together and directly hurt the flesh. \” Luo Xiaoyu\’s lips are slightly red, but he didn\’t expect to have such a strange means. Luo Xiaoyan is serious. The tiger and pig are extremely rare. There are only a few in the nether passage, which is a kind of mutant demon. Luo\’s strongest means is to take the big demon in his hand and assimilate it into one. If Luo Xiaoyan hadn\’t met people in the tiger and pig group , if he had investigated the matter, I\’m afraid even he couldn\’t see the situation in front of him. \”I don\’t know how this son can resolve the crisis in the face of unknown things.\” Luo Xiaoyan whispered. His eyes glanced at Luo Sheng in front of him. After Fang Yang killed Dong Hai with a sword, Luo Sheng was rarely silent. His face seemed to struggle. His eyes showed a completely different look from the past. He gritted his teeth and looked at the battle in front of him. Luo Xiaoyan was a little relieved. No matter what the result was, at least his son is really good now Cheer up. When his mind swayed, the battle in front of him changed again. Fang Yang whispered and took his sword out of his palm. The pure Yang Xuanqi swarmed and gathered in his palm, and then condensed into a fireball. The fireball turned quickly. Under the constant compression of the pure Yang Xuanqi, the light in it shone fiercely. When it condensed to the extreme, Fang Yang threw his right hand and the fireball Shoot it out. \”Tianyang Fire Dance!\” Whoosh. The fireball is flying fast. In the blink of an eye, it has already rushed in front of Ju Luo. Ju Luo is slow to respond. In the face of such an attack, it is only a dull slap. When the air is compressed and collides with the fire dance of Tianyang, the two touch and burst. It can be seen that the pure Yang and Xuanqi burst out and turned into rolling fire waves on Ju Luo. Ju Luo has a pain and a burst of strangeness Scream, he slapped his own flame, but his skin was rough and his flesh was thick. Even if he ate Fang Yang\’s move Tianyang fire dance at such a close distance, he still didn\’t suffer any damage. However, Fang Yang didn\’t think that Tianyang fire dance would hurt Ju Luo alone. When Ju Luo slapped the whole flame, the nine palace sword in his hand was raised and the black-and-white line came from the blade Suddenly, he sprang up and wound away toward the body of Ju Luo. \”Yin and Yang!\”