I don\’t drink sugar water. Just boiled water.

\”Don\’t worry, just take good care of Xiaoyi.\” Fang Yang patted Xiaoyi\’s head, then took a step and walked towards the front. There was an extremely unfriendly look everywhere he passed. Zhou Tong sneered: \”your boy ran out to die himself. Is it bad to die later? It\’s a little clever, but your life is over.\” \”Shut up, silly cap.\” Fang Yang scolded impolitely. \”Bastard!\” Zhou Xiang\’s face turned red and he wanted to slap the boy to death, but now he was a bait and killed him. It was uncertain who should go up. Fang Yang silently ridiculed Zhou Tong, as if he was laughing at his cowardice. Then he stepped in front of Li jackal, didn\’t bother to look at him and walked directly to the five dragon pond. Li jackal sneered: \”Get ready and kill them separately if the Dragon species come out later.\” \”yes!\” the people in the Jackal group responded one after another. He glanced at several people in the stone path and said in a deep voice: \”you can\’t run either. At least show me two dragon species!\” Several people in Shijing were pale and silent. With their strength, not to mention the two sides, even if there was only one kind of dragon, they didn\’t know how much life it would take to stop them. Before they spoke, Fang Yang was close to the pool. Fang Yang frowned slightly and walked very slowly. In the eyes of others, it naturally seemed that he was afraid of death and no one urged him. But it was true Then Fang Yang\’s eyes turned wildly, looking for something. \”No? It shouldn\’t be. Since it is the place where the poisonous dragon grows, it should grow nine petal ink jade lotus.\” He muttered to himself and scanned more and more carefully. Fang Yang is not a fool. Naturally, he won\’t take risks without distinguishing the situation. In fact, he came to Wulongtan this time to find strange spiritual materials such as nine petal ink jade lotus. These spiritual materials are not rare, but they only grow in a highly toxic place. Since this is a gathering of five highly toxic dragon species In the gathering place, there should be a great hope of having this thing. The nine petal lotus is a poison, but it is different from ordinary poisons. Its nine petal petals are highly toxic. If they are contaminated, they will corrode the flesh, dissolve the spirit and kill people. The black jade lotus seed is also a toxin, but it is an extremely special toxin. After swallowing the black jade lotus seed, the black jade lotus seed will be dissolved first The rest of the toxins in the body spread their own toxins, occupied the flesh and made people die. The purpose of Fang Yang\’s trip was to get the lotus seeds of nine petaled black jade lotus. In the room, Fang Yang had refined a highly toxic pill that could act on the dark Qi of dead trees. Once swallowed, this pill would quickly absorb the dark Qi and strengthen the body It can be said that it is the best thing for the disabled to cultivate without hurting people\’s lives. If Fang Yang swallows it, he can quickly dissolve the dead wood and dark Qi filled in his body. However, the toxin will not stop, but will continue to spread. If there is no corresponding antidote, Fang Yang\’s body will be destroyed The spread of toxins in the body may also destroy his own inner house. Therefore, he has been afraid to take it for a long time. But if there are black jade lotus seeds, it will be different. First use highly toxic pills to eliminate the dead wood and dark Qi in the body, and then take black jade lotus seeds to dissolve the toxins that corrode the dark Qi.