When Li Siyu woke up, it was already more than seven o\’clock. She looked up and saw the empty bed and was stunned.

In Xing Yuting\’s mind, he thinks that sun Manzi will never disobey himself. He also knows sun Manzi\’s temperament. As long as he forces him with the people he cherishes, he can always lose his sense of propriety. As for Xin Guihua, they say hey, Xing Yuting only said he would let them go without saying anything about others. He smiled coldly and waited for sun Manzi to commit suicide. However, let him die What he never expected was that sun Manzi stood up calmly, looked at himself, and his voice was calm and thick. \”I choose to kill you!\” Chapter 394 when he was strong, he was worried that sun Manzi would really listen to Xing Yuting\’s bewitchment. Once he really wanted to do it, he couldn\’t bear it any longer. Even if he was struggling to face the siege of hundreds of martial artists, he had to rescue sun Manzi! He had been blessed with Xuanqi. When he was about to do it, he suddenly heard from sun Manzi When he said this, his expression stagnated, and then he looked happy. The guy\’s elm head was enlightened? At this time, the little four next to him suddenly pulled his sleeve. Xin Guihua looked down his eyes, and suddenly saw two familiar figures in the crowd. Fang Yang! Shui qianrou! The happy color on his face flashed away and turned his face, but he was pleasantly surprised in his heart He also had a clear understanding. No wonder Wuji mountain sect would suddenly quarrel among themselves. No wonder sun Manzi suddenly changed his temper. It turned out that Fang Yang came! When Fang Yang came, he also had great confidence in his heart. No matter what happened, there would be no problem. When Xing Yuting heard sun Manzi\’s words over there, he was stunned and doubted that he didn\’t hear them clearly, but he was immediately shocked Sun Manzi\’s expression became gloomy because of the strong breath surging from his body. Although he didn\’t know what had happened, he felt that sun Manzi\’s injury had recovered more than half. His appearance was obviously serious. \”Have you made up your mind? Sun Manzi, don\’t blame me for not reminding you! Your decision may cause your friends to die because of you!\” he said. However, his threat has not played any role at this time. \”Come on, if you can kill us.\” sun Manzi said in a deep voice, his mysterious Qi flowing all over his body, and the infinite God of war armor surged again. \”OK! I\’ll make you regret it! I\’ll beat you half to death first, and then pull your friends one by one in front of you to cut off your head and let you know what your arrogant end is!\” Xing Yuting roared and his armor floated. Then he threw himself and rushed to sun Manzi. Although he can\’t watch this guy commit suicide and be humiliated, it\’s enough to kill him here! Wuji Zhenshan! Xing Yuting\’s body trembled like a mountain stone falling on his face to suppress the trend of heaven and earth.