Secretary Tao!

Yuan Liang and Jie\’s expressions were distorted and frightened. It can be seen that they were frightened by what happened before they died. When they heard this word, their expressions were unnatural. These two commanders, at least, are cultivation accomplishments above the early Yang state. They were said to be killed by him. Did he think he was killing a chicken? However, Mohe is indeed qualified to say this kind of words. It can always rank first in the list of new stars of the Longyuan Dynasty. It is also a rare genius in Chunyang Zhenzong for thousands of years. It is self-evident how strong Mohe\’s combat effectiveness is. \”What are you doing? What happened? You want to kill each other?\” Mo He raised his eyebrows and looked at both sides. At this time, a disciple immediately rushed out and said, \”senior brother Mohe, we have made a great discovery! Well, Yang Huo, who infiltrated into our sect, turned out to be Fang Yang on the wanted list of the Longyuan dynasty! He is the most heinous person. Senior brother Mohe, please hurry and catch the boy!\” he looked excited as he spoke, and senior brother Mohe appeared here, Then their action will be stable! Even if the boy has spare strength, he can\’t escape from senior brother Mohe! \”Fang Yang?\” Mo he\’s eyes swept Fang Yang over there, surprised. \”Eh, your condition seems not very good. What happened earlier? I don\’t think this group of waste hurt you.\” Fang Yang\’s face was light and didn\’t respond. \”Wang Wu, you say,\” asked Wang Wu, a little over the Mohe river. Wang Wu didn\’t dare to hide. He honestly told Fang Yang and him about the gambling fight with Leng Lang, the young master of flying wolf valley. He also wants to help Fang Yang, so there is inevitably praise in his words. Mo he\’s eyes brightened when he heard this: \”you fought with cold wolf? You escaped successfully? Cold wolf is a famous expert in the poison emperor Dynasty. Even I don\’t dare say I can beat him.\” \”it\’s just a gambling fight. I\’m not his opponent.\” Fang Yang said. \”Anyway, if you win, you win. Hey, your boy is really extraordinary and interesting.\” Mo he smiled, and his eyes were fierce. \”Elder martial brother Mohe, he is a criminal. He must be plotting against us when he entered Chunyang. Please catch him!\” the former disciple, seeing that Mohe had a pleasant conversation with Fang Yang, quickly shouted, \”Catching Fang Yang is a great skill. We can give the credit to elder martial brother Mohe, but elder martial brother Mohe, don\’t forget to share a little benefit, even a little.\” Mohe smiled slightly and looked faintly at the talking disciple: \”what\’s your name?\” \”I\’m below it! I\’m a disciple on Miaohuo peak.\” When the man saw Mo he ask his name, he was immediately overjoyed and quickly said, \”it\’s a great honor for him to be remembered by Mo He, who is at the forefront of the core disciples!\” is it? I can hear that Fang Yang saved your lives? \”