The old lady looked at her little grandson with a smile. Her eyes were distressed. Zihao, you\’re taking grandma as a child. Grandma hasn\’t eaten anything.

After arriving here, Fang Yang fed the grey feather finch a piece of demon flesh and blood, then took his body back and looked up at his head. Fang Yang was also particular about choosing this place. This place is obviously the former place of Mingjing divine lake. The Mingjing divine Lake dried up, and the water poured out. It should be closest to the mausoleum, and the gravel covered on it is the best way to get through. Use thunder method Blast through, and the shock will be minimal here. Fang Yang takes out the black box and holds a Sha Lei in the palm of his hand. Then the pure Yang mysterious Qi floats around his body, and Fang Yang\’s body appears a set of armor condensed from the pure Yang mysterious Qi. Then he throws away the Sha Lei, and then moves his hands. The Tian Yang Fire Dance and the Jing Lei seal run one after another, and suddenly strike together. \”Tian Yang fire dance, Jing Lei seal, four turns!!\” All his mysterious Qi crossed into the palm of his hand. Fang Yang burst into a drink, pushed the fire and thunder ball condensed in front of his hands, and rushed towards the top floor in the direction of the previous Sha Lei. At the same time, he withdrew his steps, the bone building golden body and pure Yang mysterious Qi ran to the extreme, and stood in the corner of the hall. It happened that the shouting and killing sound behind him approached. A dark shadow flashed, but it was the black Fang Yang, where are you running He knew that this was a dead end. He just roared and wanted to kill Yang of the other party. As soon as he came in, he was reflected by the light of the thunder ball. His face changed greatly when black teeth saw the situation in front of him. He only had time to burst out a rude remark, and a powerful shock came. Roaring –! Fire thunder collided with Sha Lei, pure Yang thunder Qi entangled and collided with Yin evil Sha Lei, and the two waves collided The power of rushing counteracts each other, and the power is multiplied by several levels. The whole hall is bright and dazzling. Immediately after that, the mountains shake and the earth tremble, and countless gravel fall down. For a moment, it seems as if heaven and earth are collapsing, smashing a mess in this hall. Not only here, but also extending to the four passages, collapsing constantly From time to time, there was a scream of martial artists. Even the martial artists in the empty and dark world could not resist the impact of this ten thousand kilos of boulders, and they could only end up smashing into meat and mud. In this case, black teeth ignored the attack on Fang Yang, waved the black flag in his hand and protected his body. The gravel rushed to his face, even if Fang Yang stood in the corner where the gravel fell least Many stones fell. Fortunately, his strong physique and sword spirit kept him from being buried by the rubble. The sound lasted for more than half an hour. After all the rubble fell, he could see a light in the sky, a gentle sunlight appeared, and a huge hole appeared in front of him. The whole Mausoleum had collapsed Several feet, bury one.