The old lady was choked by the sudden voice. Seeing the decent clothes of the person in front of her, she knew that this person must be a leader.

The party quickly went to the top of the mountain. When they were close to the top of the mountain, the grey sparrow mountain warrior who guarded the Mountain Gate met them. \”Vice mountain master, you are\” Zhuang Yisha with a cold face: \”go away, don\’t you see Lord Huang of the black tooth group coming? Hurry to gather the people on the mountain. Lord Huang has something to say.\” the martial arts guard looked hesitant: \”now the mountain master is closed. According to the previous handling method, he wants to refuse outsiders. It\’s better to wait for the mountain master to leave the pass and come again.\” he didn\’t say anything, Zhuang bien on one side kicked out with a ferocious foot: \”get out of here, you blind guy!\” the martial arts master didn\’t expect Zhuang bien to say that he would do it. He was kicked by his mysterious foot and spewed out a mouthful of blood. He didn\’t get up for a long time. Zhuang BIE took the opportunity to say, \”Lord Huang, you see the attitude of these evil people in the grey sparrow mountain! Their mind of not obeying is obvious.\” Huang Ning\’s expression was also gloomy under his agitation. \”Let\’s go first,\” Zhuang Yisha said. Led by the two men, they directly bypassed the pale warrior and entered the ash finch mountain. Many martial artists are busy in the grey sparrow mountain. When they see such a large number of martial artists coming in, they all look curious and gather around with a buzzing sound. \”Call all the people on the mountain!\” Zhuang Yisha shouted. With the news coming from here, more and more martial artists also leaned over. A moment later, dozens of people had gathered. Zhuang Yisha glanced at them coldly and said, \”this is one of the three leaders of the black tooth regiment, Lord Huang Ning! Lord Huang is here to personally solicit you and work for the black tooth regiment.\” \”black tooth regiment? Is it the one of the two mountain forces?\” \”what did the black tooth regiment solicit us to do? We stayed well on the ash finch mountain.\” \”Vice mountain leader, what do you mean? The mountain leader hasn\’t been here yet. You should tell the mountain leader about this.\” \”Wumeng has made a riot! He doesn\’t obey the control of the black tooth regiment. Now he can\’t be the mountain leader of the grey sparrow mountain!\” Zhuang Yisha Leng shouted, \”If you\’re smart enough to submit to us honestly, you\’ll naturally arrange a good place for you. If you don\’t, die with Wumeng!\” the crowd was in an uproar after hearing this. \”Wocao, Zhuang Yisha, are you going to betray our gray sparrow mountain?\”