Li Siyu calmly returned to his seat and greeted them with a smile.

\”It\’s really powerful!\” he said in horror. \”The power of each sword seems to be the result of the efforts of those who concentrate on the martial arts in the environment.\” \”what should we do?\” Wu Ying frowned. Wang Hu\’s strength has reached the top of them. Even he is so simple, isn\’t it more difficult for them to break in. Wang Hu smiled: \”Of course not if it\’s us, but Teng is not afraid when he comes.\” \”Teng, is it?\” Wu Ying\’s eyes became brighter and brighter. When they were talking, a dark air suddenly spread. Everyone turned their heads together and saw a figure shrouded in a black cloak approaching this side quickly. A moment later, the figure came to the stone tablet, and a voice of Yin pity came from under the cloak: \”The core of the cave is here. I\’ve been looking for it for a long time.\” he stepped forward to the stone tablet. Seeing this man coming, he ignored them. Wang Hu was very angry: \”Hey, are you blind? If you want to go in, ask the four guards of Hunyuan mansion first!\” Wang Hu burst into a rage and blew out his fist. The fist strength condensed into the shape of a lion tiger and roared and collided. Pa. when the fierce fist strength approached the man with the cloak, he threw his sleeve and beat it away. The man with the cloak turned his head and looked that there were two red ghost like eyes under the cloak. Wang Hu only felt that his body was cold and his face changed greatly. He even lost his respect for his body Control ability. \”The fourth guard of Hunyuan mansion, what is that junk, Jie Jie? It seems that I haven\’t taken action for a long time. Many people have forgotten. You little doll dare to challenge me and die here.\” The man in the cloak moved. A thin arm stretched out from under the cloak, and then a myriad of light white breath came out of the arm. The breath was like a spirit of resentment, crying and Howling towards Wang Hu. Wang Hu\’s body was shocked, his blood and gas flowed back. As the white breath was about to fly out of his body, his eyes gradually became listless and his hair dried up, His whole body was atrophied, his face was terrible, and when he saw that he was about to lose his vitality, a cry came from a distance. \”Stop!\” Before the shadow came, a purple flame came and directly hit the white smoke flying out of the cloak man\’s arm. After listening to a loud noise, the white smell melted and disappeared quickly. The cloak man was surprised, looked up and saw a figure falling in front of Wang Hu. Teng shuize was dressed in red and looked handsome. He helped Wang Hu\’s figure and himself Xuanqi turned in his body. The withered flesh and blood of Wang Hu revived again and slowly recovered. \”Brother Teng!\” Wang Hu shouted with a touch of surprise on his pale face when he saw Teng shuize.