Li Siyu also ignored it. This is an opportunity. You should take advantage of it!

\”That\’s right! Well, you can make any offer. As long as it\’s not too much, I\’ll meet you.\” Teng shuize said faintly. Hearing the speech, Fang Yang sighed in his heart. After a little hesitation, Fang Yang murmured: \”I want Liangwei medicinal herbs and the woman in Shangyang palace, who is called Tang still. She will recover her normal identity, no longer bear the crime of deserting soldiers, and will not be on the dragon and snake list.\” \”that\’s so simple?\” Teng shuize asked faintly. \”That\’s so simple.\” \”OK, it\’s totally acceptable.\” Teng shuize said faintly. Fang Yang smiled gently and said, \”deal!\” After that, Fang Yang waved his big hand, and a pen and a piece of paper appeared in Fang Yang\’s hand. Fang Yang began to write lines of small characters on it. After writing, Fang Yang handed it to Teng shuize, and Teng shuize took it. A trace of doubt flashed on his face. He said and looked at the white paper: \”you\’re happy.\” But the more he looked at Teng shuize\’s face, the more ugly it became. When he finished reading it all, Teng shuize suddenly looked at Fang Yang and immediately flashed two sharp eyes: \”boy, although I don\’t know much about medicine, I can see that you haven\’t written all the prescriptions, haven\’t you? At least half of them haven\’t been written!\” Fang Yang smiled gently: \”Lord Teng, Fang will use the white wolf with empty hands when he is seven or eight years old. You haven\’t done anything now. You let Fang give you all the prescriptions. Are you a three-year-old child?\” hearing the speech, Teng shuize\’s pupils shrink: \”you don\’t trust me.\” \”Lord Teng, think about it in another position. Do you think you will trust me if I change you to my position? If I give you the formula, you turn your face and don\’t recognize that someone killed me, what should I do?\” Fang Yang asked with a smile. \”You\’re playing with fire!\” Teng shuize\’s eyes glittered and he said in a voice. Looking at Teng shuize like this, Fang Yang was more and more convinced of what he thought. Teng shuize didn\’t intend to let himself go at all. In fact, Fang Yang had just made preparations in his heart. At this time, there were many difficulties and there was almost no hope to escape. If only a prescription could solve it, he would recognize it, But now it seems that Teng shuize didn\’t put his mind at all. \”If Lord Teng really wants to, first finish everything for me, and then send an expert with similar strength to me to send me away. When I feel safe, I will naturally give the rest of the formula to that person and let that person bring it back to Lord Teng.\” Fang Yang said faintly. Hearing the speech, Teng shuize\’s face changed constantly. After a long time, Teng shuize sighed, \”you are really a smart man.\” when he said this, Teng shuize sighed: \”Boy, to tell you the truth, you can\’t live. My eldest brother has been really angry when he saw you hurt Ling Xuan like that. If I hadn\’t just stopped you, you might be a dead man now.\” Fang Yang\’s heart trembled at the smell of the speech. Chapter 90 the realm of controlling weapons \”My eldest brother has the quality of a strong man in all aspects. He has a high mood, but one thing is that he is very protective of his weaknesses! When he saw that Ling Xuan was hurt by you, he almost didn\’t come directly and hit you.\” Teng shuize said faintly. Fang Yang knew that the \”eldest brother\” Teng shuize pointed to was naturally the princess of Huoyu county. \”If you and Ling Xuan had a bet under normal circumstances, and you defeated Ling Xuan, you left when you left in the Shangyang palace, but now you are brought back by me. You must not live with my eldest brother\’s temperament.\” Teng shuize said faintly.