Li Siyu nodded vaguely, that is, if there is any problem in the factory, he can go to the factory Committee.

The dark clouds in the sky seem to be panting. They stare at a person with hate, bathed in the morning on the rock In the first round, Mu Chen easily carried it. Many monks breathed a sigh of relief. However, without waiting for them to relax for too long, a more terrible noise came from the depths of the sky. \”Zizizibang\” It was like a huge hammer, which hit hard from the depths of the sky. The tough multicolored light mask is broken and scattered. A dense thunder and lightning, like thousands of troops and horses, followed behind the giant hammer and came \”boom, boom, boom\” With a loud dragon roar, five dragons of different colors rose from the top of the mountain and jumped at the lightning. At the same time, the sword shadow all over the sky, like petals, covered the whole sky. \”Crackle crackle\” \”Bang bang\” All kinds of sounds filled the eardrums, the sky was chaotic, the Dragon swallowed the lightning, the lightning tore the dragon, the sword shadow cut the dark clouds, and the lightning hit the Lang sword shadow. Dark clouds condensed from all directions to the top of the mountain, and the shadow of the sword and the Dragon kept flying upward from the rocks. The monks at the foot of the mountain were dazzled and stunned This is not a lightning robbery. It is clearly a confrontation with heaven and earth Ordinary friars, the whole process of thunder robbery was only a few hours, but this tragic battle lasted for nearly three hours. No one felt tired, and no one wanted to lower their heads and rest for a while. They just stared at Tianyu and the endless stream of thunder and dragons. Isn\’t his divine power exhausted? Everyone is thinking about such a problem. While they were making all kinds of guesses, a burst of roar came. The observing friars suddenly saw a tragic scene. They saw that under the bombardment of countless thunder and lightning, the rock had been standing straight like a benchmark in the morning, and suddenly collapsed. He was destroyed by lightning \”Ah?\” the whole Longyin mountain screamed. The world is quiet.