Even if she takes back the TV, the old lady probably doesn\’t doubt it, but she can\’t do it now, and she doesn\’t have a TV ticket.

Yesterday, we went to eliminate a demon cultivation\’s lair in the depths of Youming Valley, but we happened to meet the man who escaped. He was talking to another demon Cultivation about yesterday\’s experience. I listened to him, so I also understood the whole story. So after eliminating all the demon cultivation, he left him alone and took it to let you vent your anger and force my woman like that. It makes me very happy Unhappy, so, always let my woman vent her anger, so that you can feel comfortable. When you are in a good mood, so can my mood. Han Xing then said a series of words that Jane Xi couldn\’t believe, which made Jane Xi stunned. For a moment, she didn\’t know how to go on. \”Puff\” Two uncontrollable laughter came from behind the \”pooch\”. At this time, Jane Xi really noticed the man in red standing behind Han Xing and the monk in blue. Han Xing turned around and stared at them, but they still smiled at each other. Looking at Han Xing, he said, \”brother, don\’t you introduce your sister-in-law to your brothers.\”. \”Xi\’er, don\’t worry about them. They are my brothers. The one who wears Sao Bao red all day is ChiYan and has the most grumpy temper. The one who wears blue and has a strange look is Hu Li. I call him fox. He is a fox and has the most eyes.\” Han Xing briefly introduced his two friends. The little golden swords that intruded into the sea of demon cultivation and knowledge are now fighting with the yuan God of demon cultivation in the sea of knowledge. Because several little golden swords are only a very small part of Jian Xi\’s divine knowledge, their attack power is not strong except after purification, but only because of the restraint of their attributes. If they want to destroy their sea of knowledge, Jian Xi must spare no effort, Or at least eight points, but now it has been divided. I don\’t know how many times a few small golden swords want to destroy each other\’s knowledge of the sea. It\’s impossible. But it also took some of the other party\’s energy to deal with it, so those little golden swords outside almost had no obstacles to purify these residual souls. At this time, the four thick black chains have been reduced several times. Although they are still so solid, they are much smaller. Jane Xi used divine knowledge for the first time, but she thought the effect was surprisingly good, but it needs a huge divine knowledge as the foundation. This can also support Jian Xi, who has the realm of divine knowledge during the robbery period, so the little golden sword is still shooting at the four people\’s bodies and weapons without interruption. At this time, the four people\’s black chain is like a gold chain and has been wrapped by the little golden sword, and the four people\’s black armor composed of black fog can no longer be maintained, and finally all dissipated, Those residual souls scattered into black fog were easily purified into pure souls by the light in the array, and were dragged away.