See! the old lady pointed to a group of children with a disappointed look on her face and said, look, your old sister is worried that the family is not full. Go out and ask her classmates for food. What about you?

But the fake mother and the long bamboo pole didn\’t go far, so they were stopped by a group of people. Jane Xi was distracted and chatted with Yu Shanshan, paying attention to the things outside the window. She didn\’t pay attention to Jane Nan\’s ordering and inquiring about things there. She was temporarily attracted by the group of fake Niang. Yu Shanshan saw that Jane Xi\’s attention was not focused, so she looked in the direction of her eyes. She also saw the fake Niang and they were surrounded by a group of young men and women. However, it was a piece of cake for the friars to stretch their ears. The group didn\’t avoid others, so their conversation didn\’t fall into the ears of Jane Xi and Yu Shanshan. \”I said, little uncle, what are you doing in a hurry?\” a girl in red with her daughter\’s makeup in a bun raised her head and asked the false mother sarcastically, with a tone that is not respected by the younger generation. \”Hey, hey, we just met three ugly people in the restaurant. We don\’t think they look like good people. Let\’s report to your grandpa and them.\” the false mother said very loudly. After hearing this, the girl in red couldn\’t help feeling a little headache: \”I said, little uncle, you didn\’t cause trouble to my grandpa again! You said you are hundreds of years old. Why are you so worried and how long do you let my Grandpa take care of you? And you.\” the girl in red didn\’t have any consciousness of her younger generation, pointing to the long bamboo pole: \”You are the same. You are hundreds of years old. Up to now, you are still idle all day. What do you want my grandma Zhao to do with you? She has poor talent and doesn\’t dare to tighten her cultivation and consolidate her accomplishments. She follows my little uncle all day. They have nothing to do.\” \”Today I really don\’t blame us. It\’s those three people.\” it seems that changzhugan is not very good at expressing, but it still scares the girl in red. In short, it gives the impression that she is stupid. Chapter 496 hot girls (Part 2) \”Don\’t explain. You must be wrong. I don\’t have to ask. You don\’t have to go to my grandpa. You don\’t have to go to my grandma Zhao and Zhao Xiaohan. You come out. This is your elder. Take it back quickly to save it from harming the residents of Philadelphia.\” the arrogance of the girl in red made Jane Xi and Yu Shanshan look at each other and show their approval. \”Uncle, you too, Tong Xin, you send uncle back to my house and give it to my great grandfather to see what kind of good son he has. He dresses up like a butterfly and flies around all day.\” the pungent words of the girl in red make Jian Xi and Yu Shanshan, oh, and Jian Nan, who pokes his head out from behind, look with interest. Among the young people in that group, a girl in yellow came out. She was not short. She was about 1.75 meters by visual inspection. However, she looked much better than the long bamboo pole. Her figure was graceful and her appearance was also medium. She was a beautiful beauty. On earth, you can engage in the modeling industry. I think the achievement will not be too low. However, I should be used to it. I still have such a character. I was influenced by the girl in red. As soon as she came out, the color on her face was not very beautiful. She grabbed the sleeve of the long bamboo pole and said: \”I said, uncle, why did you come out to harm people again? Does the five bullies in Philadelphia sound good? If Grandpa knows you are like this again and he doesn\’t beat you to death, you can\’t practice at home? I lose face with you in the middle of my first year of life. Dare to follow me back and keep quiet. Otherwise, if I don\’t tell Grandpa and grandma, I\’ll guard it in the back mountain and shut up \”A hundred year pass,\” he said, pulling his sleeve, separated and walked away. \”What are you looking at? Tong Xin. Take him away quickly, Xiao Pang. Your seventh cousin may not be able to run away. It\’s estimated that you\’re almost home by now? You send someone back to save your third grandpa from getting used to him and looking for trouble.\” the girl in red is not over yet. She turns around and looks like a white fat young man among the young people. Jane Xi took her seat according to the number. It is estimated that the young man should be from the football player. The little fat man must be very convinced of the girl in red. He listens to what he says. He turns around and orders the people next to him to follow him. It\’s really easy to speak. Even the three of Jane Xi, who are watching the excitement, admire him. \”Oh. The one who didn\’t worry about my family also participated. They never separated. No, Tong Tong, you go first. I\’ll tell my family that they offended someone again. Don\’t teach my third mother that they protect him again. Now there are so many outsiders in the city. If they offended any big people, they have no place to cry.\” A shrewd and thin young man patted his forehead. Also hurried to stand out and said to the girl in red. After a few flashes in the direction of the door, there was no shadow. It seems to feel the eyes of the girl in red. Another girl in purple moved out reluctantly and uttered a few words from her throat: \”Tong Tong, they don\’t necessarily do something bad? Are you making a mountain out of a molehill?\” \”Oh?\” Tong Tong Tong looked sarcastically at the girl in purple and said: \”I said Wang Qianqian, you don\’t know what elder Zhang in your family is like. He has big eyes, but it doesn\’t mean he can distinguish between right and wrong. You don\’t know what the five of them do together all day. How many years have they been doing, and even we haven\’t been born. Even when you and my parents weren\’t born, they were that virtue. You don\’t know? Over the years, if we hadn\’t been there The elders protect them. I don\’t know when they will suffer losses they can\’t afford. I\’m in charge of them now for their good. Why? It\’s my fault not to teach them to do wrong? What\’s a fuss? Don\’t you know the current situation in Philadelphia? How many foreign monks have entered you? These people are not local in Philadelphia Several families know each other and tolerate each other. Many of these people have profound accomplishments. Can you guarantee that they don\’t offend such people? If so, I\’m afraid it\’s not just their bad luck, but even our family. I\’m afraid neither my grandfather nor your grandfather can protect them at that time. If you don\’t want him If you make a big mistake in a small matter, don\’t make such a mistake for me. My Tong family is still me. Although Tong Tong can\’t control your Wang family, he can control his worry free elders. In this way, you can go by Uncle Yan, but we have to take back their families. You can help yourself, no one forces you, but don\’t bring us when something happens. \” Tong Tongyan, a girl in red, said sharp words without giving in. He looked at the girl in purple coldly, then snorted, turned his head and shouted to the young people: \”let\’s go. Today I\’ll invite you to juxianlou for a drink.\”.