When Li Simin entered the room, he saw both of them sitting on the Kang. He pulled over a stool and sat beside the Kang.

The beaten boy in the door took a long breath, gently touched the spirit stone in his arms and got a slap in the face. After earning a spirit stone, look at Xiao Guang who received the previous batch of monks. Without this treatment, he also received a tip for a spirit stone. Why is there such a big gap between being a boy? But said that after Jane Xi and others rented the cave. However, Shen Hongyan had a bottom in her heart. She looked at Jian Xi around, looked around curiously, and took Jian Xi\’s small hand with her intact hand and said, \”Taoist Jian, anyway, we also have a place to live. Why don\’t we go around the city? What do you think, senior Li and senior Qiu?\” \”Shen Daoyou, the old man won\’t go. I want to go back to the cave to have a rest.\” Li Yan shook his head and said with a smile. What happened just now made him very angry. He really didn\’t want to go shopping, so he refused. \”Me too. Well, Li Daoyou and I went back to the cave first. You two go first. Shen Daoyou is familiar with the place, so you can take Jane Dao for a friendly stroll.\” Qiu Yan also shook her head slightly. \”Oh, that\’s good.\” Shen Yanhong didn\’t persuade them, so they separated here. Li Yan and Qiu Yan returned to the cave. Shen Yanhong took Jian Xi to the square city. Fortunately, it wasn\’t far away. They arrived at the entrance of the square city in a short time. Fang City, in other words, for people of the earth, can be said to be a more appropriate commercial pedestrian street. There are many shops on both sides. There is also a large place for those scattered businesses. Each person has a table about two meters long. On the table are the goods they want to sell. These scattered businesses are gathered together, but the main street is full of shops, There are all kinds of daily necessities for friars, such as pills, magic tools, spirit tools, books, jade slips, materials, array plates, array flags, etc. However, along the way, Jian Xi also found that even the best spirit tools here are only top-grade spirit tools, and they are generally used as treasures in town stores and rarely sold. However, Jian Xi has a green moon, Although it\’s only a low-grade spirit tool now, it\’s most convenient to use, so I don\’t plan to replace it. The best pill here is only level 4, and I\’ve never seen pills like breaking thunder pill breaking through the barrier of primipara and infancy. I finally understand why Li Yan and his friends are so accommodating to themselves. Except for the elixirs that are necessary for recovery, healing and detoxification, she doesn\’t want to take other elixirs that increase aura and promote cultivation. Therefore, should she sell the first-order to fourth-order elixirs used to practice her hand? But I have too many pills in my hand. It\’s very eye-catching to sell a large number of pills. I hesitated for a moment. Seeing that Jian Xi seemed to have something in mind, Shen Hongyan asked, \”what can I do for you, Taoist Jian? Let\’s listen. Maybe I can help, can\’t I?\” \”Oh! Shen Daoyou always yells. Jian Xi feels a little angry. It\’s better for Jian Xi to call sister Shen Daoyou. Sister Shen, you know, I\’m an alchemist. I used to refine a lot of low-level pills when practicing alchemy. I can\’t use them here. I want to sell them, but I\’m afraid it\’s too ostentatious. I\’m thinking about what to do,\” Jian Xi hesitated. \”It\’s awkward for me. I\’ll call you sister, sister Jane. In fact, if you plan to sell only one and two pills, it doesn\’t matter much, even if the amount is large, but you should be careful. Not to mention level 4 alchemists, level 3 alchemists are rare. If you sell a large number of level 3 and 4 pills, it\’s easy to cause unnecessary numbness Annoying, in this way, you can first sell one product and two products of pills, and three products and four products of pills. You can submit them to the auction. A small amount of them will be auctioned. It will be better. It will be handled in batches. It will be much better, so it won\’t attract too much attention. \” The two of them were watching and singing in the pill shop. Jian Xi thinks that Shen Hongyan makes a lot of sense. She doesn\’t have to deal with them all at once. It will be more secure if she takes her time. One pill and two pills are not so popular in the market, so there will be no big trouble, so—— \”Little brother, I want to find your shopkeeper. We have a batch of pills for sale. The quantity is a little large, so we need to discuss with him.\” Shen Hongyan said with a bright smile to the young man behind the counter. The young man had the cultivation in the early stage of foundation construction. When he heard that someone wanted to sell a large number of pills, he knew it was not something he could decide, so he asked another young man to go to the shopkeeper. After a while, a fat middle-aged man entered the shop and looked at the young man in the counter. The young man immediately understood and hurriedly introduced Jian Xi and Shen Hongyan to the fat shopkeeper. \”Two seniors, this is manager Lu of our Yandan square. These two are seniors who want to sell pills.\” the young man smiled and retreated behind the counter. \”Oh, please, two Taoist friends. In this way, let\’s talk in the backyard. Please -\” \”Sister Jane, my sister won\’t go in. I\’ll wait for you outside,\” Shen Hongyan said to Jane Xi with a smile. She didn\’t want Jane to feel bad, so she wanted to avoid suspicion at this time. \”Well,\” Jane Xi understood what Shen Hongyan thought, so she didn\’t refuse, so she followed shopkeeper LV through the back door corridor to a flower hall, ordered the boy to pour tea, and then asked the mountain directly: \”I don\’t know what pills you want to sell, and what\’s the grade?\”