Mom, when I go to work, I\’ll let you eat white flour dumplings every day.

No, Lao Feng\’s tutor is excellent! He has been in Hongzhi class of No. 1 middle school. He is also ranked in the top spear. Alas! If it weren\’t for the rebellious girl in my family, she is so poor that she really wants to take your son early and become my son-in-law of Xie family. However, I also want to know how the Quanhai test was? this is Xie Bureau of the real estate bureau, I said with great regret, and I didn\’t forget to ask Feng Quanhai how his score in the college entrance examination was. Feng Dongcheng smiled calmly and was about to say something. At this time, he thought of a voice: \”Feng Bureau. Quanhai is also a tiger father without a dog son. Should it be no problem this time?\” Feng Dongcheng looked at the speaker. His eyes flickered, but there was no special expression. He smiled and said: \”I don\’t care much about him. I\’m fucking in charge of my study and life. I\’m too busy all day. I owe him a little. Fortunately, he\’s sensible, understands me, and doesn\’t worry about my study. The score of the college entrance examination is satisfactory, giving 712 points. I ranked eighth in the first middle school year and didn\’t go in the top five.\”. \”712 points? So high?\” the president of a bank was surprised. \”My God, 712. It\’s amazing.\” \”Quanhai is a promising child\” \”Feng bureau is really blessed,\” said the man. After his words, Feng Dongcheng flashed his eyes again. After taking a deep look at him, he slowly said, \”Mr. Mo, don\’t say that. Guess what my Quanhai said to me when he came home?\” Feng Dongcheng sold a pass. People were curious. They couldn\’t help looking at Mo Wei, then Feng Dongcheng asked, \”old Feng, don\’t sell a pass. What did Quan Hai say?\” \”In a word, my mother and I were also very satisfied with Quan Hai\’s achievements. But later, I heard Quan Hai say that his achievements were not the top, and he was only the eighth in the academic year. I asked him who the top few were. He told me that this first place actually became the No. 1 in Science in the province this year, with a super good score of 732, which made their principals and head teachers crazy, Guess who came first? \”Feng Dongcheng asked again. This time, the rhetorical question caused a lot of dissatisfaction. Feng Dongcheng just paused and looked at Mo Wei with deep meaning. This look made Mo Wei feel uneasy and anxious, but he didn\’t know why, so he was also worried and wanted to know what Feng Dongcheng said below. \”This is the first place in Science in the province. The genius with a score of 732 is the eldest daughter of President Mo, Jian Xi.\” as soon as Feng Dongcheng\’s voice fell, Mo Wei\’s face changed several times. \”Feng Ju, what are you kidding? She\’s only a sophomore this year, and she has to wait for the college entrance examination next year.\” Mowei sorted out his anxious mood and said with a wry smile. Mowei invited Feng Dongcheng and Li Benqing to dinner and called Jian Xi. After dinner, they quarreled. Jian Xi got out of the car. As a result, he met Ding fan, Ding Yan\’s aunt, who killed with poisonous insects and was nearly killed. After this incident, Mowei never saw Jian Xi again and didn\’t hear about her. Quan should not have this daughter, so it\’s impossible to know that Jian Xi had skipped senior two long ago, Directly into the Hongzhi class of senior three. Of course, no one in Jane\’s family will tell him this careless father for this matter. \”Oh? Why? Don\’t you know Mr. Mo?\” Feng Quanhai asked, looking at Mo Wei meaningfully. Mo Wei felt a little frightened, but he calmed himself down and asked, \”what do you know?\” \”Oh, Jane Xi skipped the grade last year. She didn\’t study in senior two. She directly studied in senior three, and her grades were quite excellent. She has always been ranked in the top spear in the academic year. According to Quan Hai, Jane Xi and three other classmates jumped into senior three together, and all three of them entered the top ten of the academic year this time. Moreover, the worst one of them was one point more than Quan Hai. The whole one from senior one In the third year of senior high school, none of the students didn\’t know about the four of them. They were celebrities in No. 1 middle school. \”Feng Dongcheng talked about it in detail. It seems that Feng Quanhai talked to him about the four people. What Feng Dongcheng didn\’t say is that Feng Quanhai always looked a little different every time he mentioned them, especially Jane. Feng Quanhai has always covered up his emotions well, but how could the sophisticated Feng Dongcheng, as his biological father, not see the difference, but he has never asked about it. The kind of love in his youth is very precious. With his son\’s maturity and self-control, he wants to believe it, Such feelings can not affect his studies. He has this confidence. However, looking at Mowei in front of him, a trace of disdain rose in his heart. The divorce between Mowei and Jian Xinyan had been well known by all people who knew him a few years ago, and the meal that Jian Xi was nearly killed was clearly known by Feng Dongcheng through Li Benqing. In his heart, he looked down on this fickle and unjust man. He knows that if a person doesn\’t even have a trace of family affection for his own daughter, he can almost be judged as a hypocrite, a person who does everything to achieve his goal. If he has any mistakes, the people who have something to do with him will become the victims. He is a person who takes an official career and will never change in his life, In the environment of catching corrupt officials and fighting against corruption all over the country, we should be more careful and clean, otherwise, we won\’t even know how to die one day.