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He said. He looked at his Dantian and suddenly stood there with a slight change in his expression. The three saw that Jane Xi\’s expression was wrong. Grandpa Jane hurriedly asked, \”Xi\’er, what\’s the matter? Is the foundation not completed? Don\’t worry. There will be another time.\” For several seconds, Jane Xi didn\’t speak. Under the comfort of her grandparents, she woke up \”Grandpa, grandma and mom, I really finished building the foundation, but – I don\’t know why there are only half of the original 27 drops of spiritual liquid in Dantian, which is close to drying up. Fortunately, fortunately, there are still half a drop, which won\’t make my realm fall. As long as I latent repair, I can supplement it back. Don\’t wait a moment. I\’ll check again. What happened?\” Jane had no time to clean the congestion on her mouth, hands and arms. She sat cross legged on the bed, closed her eyes and began to check her body from Dantian to bottom. \”Apart from the disappearance of 27 drops of holy liquid in the elixir field, nothing else is abnormal. It\’s no different from when I just finished the foundation period? Jane continued to look up suspiciously. She looked inside until she realized that her head was in the sea. She was stunned by everything in front of her. \”Where is this? Is it still my knowledge of the sea? \” She felt that everything in front of her was a little unreal. Then she stepped back, suddenly opened her eyes and saw that she was still in the room, still sitting on the bed, in front of her grandparents and mother. With a shocked expression on her face, she didn\’t have time to explain to the three people. She quickly closed her eyes and realized that she entered the sea again. What did she see? \”This is land, this is a space.\” Jian Xi\’s consciousness murmured to herself in her own understanding of the sea. She looked at the circular space with a diameter of tens of meters in front of her. She looked down carefully at the grain by grain under her feet. It was soil, it was land, this was land. Looking up, it looked like a cloudy sky, But it\’s not too bright inside. Everything around is gray, except the black land. \”Is it because such a space has been formed?\” Looking at her conscious body, Jane Xi thought for a moment and wanted to step back. She suddenly opened her eyes. There was a happy look in her shining eyes. Looking at the three people who were looking at her anxiously, she said, \”Grandpa and grandma, mom, I\’m fine. I\’m so happy. Really – you wait a minute. Don\’t worry. It\’s a good thing. Wait for me to find out, and then explain to you.\”. Jane Xi said that, jumped out of bed and came to the spacious living room outside. She sat on the floor and had a thought. In the blink of an eye, there were a pile of things on the floor, all kinds of jade bottles and boxes, some of which were still open. Jane Xi looked at it the same way. When there was no problem, she threw it into the sea of knowledge. When she took the strangely shaped thing composed of five nameless stone plates, when she didn\’t pay attention, some dried blood on her hand penetrated into the stone plate. Jane Xi looked at the stone plate and didn\’t pay attention to the situation. She just saw that there was no problem with the stone plate, When I was about to take it back, I saw that the stone slab actually began to light up. The usually obscure runes on the stone slab suddenly lit up. The runes were very beautiful. All the runes lit up in turn. After a circle of circulation, they converged into an arrow, pointing to the southeast direction like a South needle, then flickered and disappeared. Jane Xi looked at the scene in surprise, feeling and thinking. She thought for a while, looked at the family around her, no longer thought about it. She had to wait until there was nothing quiet to think about it, threw the slate into the new space of the sea, and then looked at the next one. After checking them all, she found that the two black-and-white bighead fish were missing. According to grandma, they were the two things of chaotic beads. Then there is the disappearance of \”Xi soil\”. Jane Xi thought about the space in the sea and the black solid ground. She had a dispute in her heart. After everything was put away, she meditated for a while before she began to slowly tell her grandparents and Xin Yan what had happened. \”Grandma and grandpa, mom, don\’t worry. Your Xi\’er has benefited a lot this time. Just now, it should be that chaotic bead that expanded my sea of knowledge, and some changes have taken place with the spirit liquid in my Dantian. A space has been formed in my sea of knowledge. Although the diameter is only a few tens of meters at present, Xitu has grown up a lot in this space, I don\’t know the specific value, but there is no end of \”soil\” in that space. It should be larger than this space. The formation of this space should be the reason for absorbing the 27 drops of spiritual liquid I just formed, and there is also a plant in this space. Although it is a bud now, I always feel that it will be very extraordinary in the future, but now Only my conscious body can go in. I hope it is a space that can grow. In short, it is not a bad thing, but the \”chaotic bead\” is missing. It should also disappear because of the change of sea awareness. The original Golden Lotus nebula was formed by the magic weapon of Golden Lotus space system. I don\’t know why, but this time it has become like this. I don\’t know It\’s the magic weapon of golden lotus. It should have been like this, but some changes have taken place. But now, I can\’t see the original golden lotus in the sea. I really don\’t know what it is now. Hehe, but I have a feeling that if it changes, it can only be more advanced than the original. So believe me, this is a great good thing for me! So you There\’s no need to worry about anything. I\’ll just repair the lost 27 drops of spirit liquid again, but it will take more time. That\’s what happened before and after. Don\’t worry, okay! You can rest assured, hehe, grandma, I\’m hungry – \”Jane Xi told the three people the whole thing, including some conjectures, Then he sprinkled Jiao, covered his stomach and said he was hungry. \”Well, it\’s all right. Xi\’er, if your cultivation goes wrong, we don\’t know what to do. We can\’t go to the hospital. It\’s really worrying. We must pay attention to it in the future. We should be careful when practicing again. It\’s not sick. There\’s a hospital that can treat diseases.\” grandma Fang still asked anxiously. \”Well, I see, grandma, I\’ll be very careful in the future, and I won\’t let you worry anymore.\” Jane smiled sweetly. \”Grandma, mom, the blood in my body and the impurities discharged are smelly and dirty enough. I want to take a bath. Can you get me some food? Good!\” Jane Xi looked at herself and then spoiled her. \”Well, OK – OK – it\’s three o\’clock in the afternoon. Not only do you have to eat, but everyone has to eat. You go to take a bath first. Grandma and mom will go now. Today is the 15th day of the first month. Grandma has prepared many ingredients. A table of dishes won\’t take long. Grandma Fang will go now.\” grandma Fang saw that her grandson was hungry. She was so distressed that she hurried downstairs to cook. \”Xi\’er, it doesn\’t matter if we know these things about you, but we can\’t let others know your secrets. We should know the truth of the crime of embracing the wall. Although you are strong now, your fists are hard to defeat your four hands. Besides, there are these terrible hot weapons now,\” Grandpa Jian said uneasily at this time. \”I will. I will definitely keep it a secret, but can Xinyu and grandpa yuan and grandma say?\” Jian Xi asked carefully. She knew that it was absolutely no problem for them to know, but grandpa Jian and grandma Fang didn\’t know, didn\’t they? I wonder how much trust they have in the yuan family?