The old lady opened her eyes in the dark night and said disdainfully, did your third brother tell you?

More than half an hour later, six colorful tents appeared on one side of the platform. The adults gathered under the plastic shed and cooked instant noodles with portable liquefied gas tanks, as well as cooked food and bread. Eating hot noodles, everyone felt warmer. Eating noodles and looking at the misty and rainy mountains, I have a different taste in my heart. Jane Xi, if the two girls eat faster, they have taken the camera to shoot this rare green mountain in the rain. Chapter 32 two people tossing and turning (for recommendation and collection) After that, we chatted, talked about their work and life, talked about their itinerary tomorrow morning, and so on. It was here that we learned that Wang Xinwei was also a single parent family. Wang Mingfu had been divorced for ten years. When Wang Xinwei was still in kindergarten, his mother abandoned Wang Mingfu\’s incompetence and left the house, leaving young Xin Wei and running away with a coal boss, From then on, Wang Mingfu began to bear hardships and started from scratch; Liu Tianhao\’s family lives in the capital. There are other reasons why he came to school here. Liu\’s mother didn\’t say, and everyone didn\’t ask very knowingly; Qu ruo\’s family was born as a businessman, and the business in his family was less than the top and more than the bottom. Moreover, Grandpa Qu actually had three sons and a daughter. If the male father was the second, because of the business at home, if the male\’s parents were often away from home, most of them were grandpa Qu and the old couple took care of the granddaughter. The old couple were also old, and sometimes they felt powerless, but there was no way, Fortunately, since this semester, the granddaughter has rarely worried the old couple about her study or anything, which makes their family very happy; Cang Jun also talked about Xinyu\’s loss of his mother last year, which made everyone sigh and sympathize with the motherless child. Xinyu sat there with his head down and said nothing; Through chatting, we also know that Jian Xi is also a single parent family. At present, she has been with her mother. However, her mother is doing business in other places, which is taken care of by her grandfather and father. The situation is very similar to that of Wang Mingfu\’s father and son and Qu ruo\’s man. Five children and three are single parents. Everyone is a little silent for a moment and is thinking about it. Is this a social reason or their own reason? Is it normal for these children to lose a normal family with parental love at such a young age and have only one of their parents around them? When parents gave birth to them, didn\’t they want to be responsible for their life? This is what parents owe these children. Why should children be guilty? The plastic shed has become a public living room, surrounded by boulders and the other side. Everyone holds a cup of hot water burned with a portable liquefied gas tank, which is also windproof and warm. The topic just now was a little heavy. We were silent and quiet for a long time before Wang Mingfu provoked other topics. We deliberately bypassed those boring topics and picked some interesting things. For a moment, we were happy until Wang Xinwei yawned and wiped tears. Everyone was very tired, so they separated and went back to the tent to rest with their family. Xinyu lay in his tent, surrounded himself tightly with his sleeping bag, looked at his sleeping father, closed his eyes and thought about what happened in the afternoon again. Inexplicably, he was taken to that space. Jane Xi said something he had never heard before. He believed that those words were true. It was like watching such a big stone platform disappear in front of him, just like that pill made him reborn. That\’s true. He thought of Jane Xi\’s embarrassed appearance in order to save him, as well as her casual words, casual actions and deep concern in her eyes. It was natural and sincere. More than once, the young face coincided with his mother\’s gentle face. He thought he might have gone crazy to think of his mother? Starting to hallucinate? He knew that Jane Xi was really good to him. It was the kind of care similar to his sister and mother, which made him feel the unspeakable light warmth, and always reminded him of his dead mother. He regretted that when his mother was alive, he only knew to play all day. He thought his mother nagged all day. He was so annoyed that he wanted to grow up and leave the house as soon as possible. At that time, he sometimes didn\’t say a word to her for a few days. Sometimes she didn\’t want to listen to anything. He chose what to say. When he saw his mother\’s anger covering his heart and gasping, he had a kind of abnormal pleasure at that time. At that time, learning for him was forced by his mother. There was really no way to muddle along. Every time he saw his mother\’s sad tears and disappointed eyes, he forced himself to turn a blind eye He had too many regrets that he didn\’t make his mother happier and more cheerful. He didn\’t find out what he seemed to have missed until he heard that his father called him to his room after school that night and told him that his mother had a terminal illness and didn\’t have many days to live. He wanted to make up for it. He felt helpless and powerless watching his mother smile every day. His mother took painkillers every day and insisted on cooking for him as usual. He saw his mother looking at his nostalgic eyes. Xinyu knew that his mother\’s eyes were reluctant to give up him at that time. Whenever his mother fell asleep, he quietly came to his mother\’s bed and looked at the tears in the corners of her eyes, he couldn\’t stop regretting. He studied hard and studied hard as never before, reassuring her that he knew he was wrong and he would listen to her. But in any case, it could not stop the pace of the disease. It still nibbled at his mother\’s body step by step. He saw his mother\’s pain covering his mouth for fear of disturbing him. He looked at his mother shaking her head helplessly with the painkiller, and then picked up the needle to give himself an injection. He hid in the room and cried, trying not to make a sound for fear that his mother would hear him. On that day, his father gave him a letter, which was given to him by his mother. His mother never appeared that day. The letter was full of strong reluctance and ardent hope for him. He hoped that he would become a real man in the future, take good care of himself and his father, and help her be filial and take care of her elderly grandparents… And so on. There were dry tears on the letter paper. When he saw her for the last time, she was already lying in the cold freezer. With her blue and white face and closed eyes, he could no longer see the eyes of various emotions, such as tenderness, happiness, sadness, disappointment, or pain. He lay down beside the once warm body and cried loudly