The old lady scooped out half of the bowls beside the Kang and put them back.

Return to the Lei Clan Master, the ancient body is almost here. An old man stepped forward and said with his hands folded.How long is there? Feng Xuan said.I\’ll be here soon. The old man replied tremblingly.What are you anxious about? We have been waiting for so many years, so why care about this moment? Yun Xianluo said slowly.Lord Yun, you have a better chance than us, and you have obtained the elixir of longevity. You still have 30,000 years of life, and our deadline is approaching. Now it is extremely difficult to break through. If you don\’t break through, how can you have a new life? Yuan? Lei Heng said in a deep voice.The reincarnation body is not unlimited, especially the reincarnation body that has acquired the power of the previous life. Each lifespan is only three or four thousand years at first. If you want to live longer, you must regain more power. Only by reaching 70% of the previous life can one live for a million years.But to recover more than 70% of the Dao is many times more difficult than becoming a god emperor in the previous life.When the people underneath heard this, except for those old men who did not show anything, the two deputy palace masters and all the elders were quite shocked, but they did not dare to say anything, even their expressions did not dare to be any strange. , After all, this is the secret of the reincarnation body, although it is not for the old monsters in the secret palace, it may be for them.Once you say something wrong, or show any strange color, you may be punished for it. This is still light. In the past, the elders who came to the secret palace sometimes even have one or two missing from now on. Later, I heard that it was because of casual words. Complained.At this time!There was a movement outside the secret palace, only to see the eight quasi god emperors descended, and on their shoulders, they carried an ancient urn with dragon-shaped marks on the top. This is one of the most treasures of the Emperor Huntian palace, the sealed dragon urn. .The faces of the eight quasi-god emperors were a bit unsightly. It was not that the sealed dragon tank was too heavy, but that terrible power filled them from time to time.Here… Lei Heng stood up first.Finally here. Feng Xuan\’s eyes lit up and stood up.Yun Xianluo didn\’t say anything, instead she got up, but Meimu stared at the sealed dragon cylinder. In everyone\’s eyes, there was nothing to see from the outside of the sealed dragon cylinder, but the three of them could see through it. Seeing a person inside.An extremely beautiful body, whether it is facial features or body, it is extremely perfect, flawless and pure to an unimaginable level.Patriarch Feng, what method did you use? Can you find this ancient body? Yun Xianluo couldn\’t help asking.Did you forget? I once learned a special method called Magic Heaven Art. Although it can\’t confuse others, it can create a real scene. I just condense a person in the sealed dragon tank. It\’s just a scene of capture.You are talking about the boy named Shanghai who has a close relationship with Gu Chu?Yun Xianluo said in surprise: \”It seems that this ancient body has a deep affection for that kid, otherwise it won\’t take a risk.\”