\”Liu Zhou has seen two elders.\” in front of friars who are much higher than self-cultivation, even if Liu Zhou doesn\’t want to, he can\’t bow his head and give a gift, not to mention the gap between cultivation. What\’s more, he and the second young master are people of the magic door. Although his magic Qi converges well, people with higher cultivation will see it at a glance, and the reputation of the magic door is not good, Although Qijie Xunyuan has reached some agreements with the famous and righteous way of xuanqiu star on his own, because some actions and practices of the magic door really can\’t make people feel good about it, ordinary righteous people naturally have a trace of disgust for the magic door.

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Demons invaded!The whole world is in chaos, fighting and fighting one after another. Under the suppression of a large number of demons, all forces in the spirit realm and the gods can only join forces together, but in this chaos, there are not many that can really join hands. The melee is here. Later, some hidden figures appeared one after another.Even the god emperor Tianyu and others have appeared. These god emperor level characters are no longer capable of intervening by ordinary strong men. Many god emperors have revived, including the ancient god emperor Yu and others, who are constantly fighting against the big monsters. Kill together.The countless star fields in the sky continue to burst, and it is impossible to support these forces.With the emergence of the god emperor, some more terrifying god emperors also appeared. Among them, Shanghai saw the old immortal. When the old immortal who had restored the power of the three generations came, the world was almost broken, even if It was the divine emperor who was shocked to retreat again and again and did not dare to come close.There is also Longxie Supreme. When he saw this person, Shanghai was stunned. This Longxie Supreme was not someone else, it was Leng Yihang…Four other demon emperors also appeared. They did not have any form. They were a cloud of incomparable darkness, as if they might dissipate at any time, but wherever they passed, everything died. No exception……Chapter 1603The two supreme and four monster emperors broke through the sky, not knowing where they were, but from time to time there were signs of star field bursting in the blazing starry sky.Fight! Roar! Fierce battle!There were battlefields everywhere, blood stained the sky, and the battle between monsters and many creatures was fierce to the extreme. With every breath, hundreds of creatures or monsters would perish.The sky is full of demons and cultivators, like countless stars, many attacks and killings are intertwined, forming a doomsday scene, even the spiritual realm and the god realm are difficult to support, thundering and shaking.A deity made a move, with a big foot stepped down, the earth fell, and many weaker monsters were smashed. Before this deity could react, he pointed out the void and penetrated it. What he shot was A quasi-god emperor level demon, at the same time, a revived divine emperor\’s eyes shot divine light, swept past, and a large number of quasi-god emperor demon were penetrated.confusion!There was chaos all around, but the cultivators of the human race, no matter which force they were, united together to resist the invasion of demons.Looking at the scenes before him, Shanghai\’s heart was full of shock. Although there have been many battles, the previous battles are nothing compared to the ones in front of them. The world is crumbling, and all the creatures are fighting with the demons.But the monsters have accumulated for tens of thousands of years, and how terrifying their strength is. In addition, the major forces are not very familiar with monsters, so that shortly after the fight, they suffered heavy losses. Fortunately, there are many reincarnations of god emperors on the human race side. , Can barely hold on.This is the great battle ten thousand years ago. The demons invaded and tried to kill all living creatures, not only for the fight for control, but also for this world. Wu Tian said slightly, his tone full of sorrow.Then you… Shanghai looked at Wu Tian.Do you want to ask me why I became a big monster? Wu Tian glanced at Shanghai with a strange expression, \”Because of you…\”