At this time, Jane Xi found a feeling of embarrassment.

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My name is Shanghai, how about you? Shanghai asked.Me? They all call me Nuwa Guardian, but I don\’t like this name…so I don\’t have a name either… The guardian\’s voice lowered, his tone full of grievance and helplessness.What do you like? Shanghai asked.Um?For example, what colors do you like and what things you like.Color? I like blue, do things? I like smoke cloud fruit.Well, how about a name for you? Shanghai said.Okay. The guardian made his voice full of joy.How about Lan Yanyun? Shanghai said.Blue Smoke Cloud…Blue Smoke Cloud…The guardian chanted sentence by sentence, and his voice was full of joy, \”I like this name, great, I finally have a name, my name is Lan Yanyun, and I will be called Lan Yanyun from now on. Thank you, thank you for taking it for me. Gave a name.\” The final tone was full of gratitude.You\’re polite, just a little effort.Afterwards!Shanghai and Lan Yanyun started chatting, anyway, there is no breakthrough for the time being, and the two gods and demons have already arrived, no matter how to fight for the first opportunity, it is useless. The rest can only be based on personal opportunities, and nine It takes at least ten hours to fully retract the lines of the gods and demons on the Youshen Tower.Perhaps this is the first time I have talked with people. Lan Yanyun has a lot of words. She tells her story about her nearly 200,000 years in the Nuwa God and Demon Palace. It sounds quite cumbersome, but Shanghai listens carefully. At the same time I also had a clear understanding of the Nuwa God and Demon Palace, as well as the other two great God and Demon Palaces.Because the three major gods and demons often communicate with each other, Lan Yanyun, the guardian envoy, has seen a lot in the past 20 years, but she can only hear and see, but can’t communicate. They are descendants of gods and demons and starry sky ancient beasts. Although their intelligence is not weak, their thinking is as direct as the starry sky ancient beasts.There are three Primordial Gods and Demons in Nuwa God and Demon Palace. These three are the pillars of Nuwa God and Demon Palace. On top of these three quasi God and Demon Emperors, it is said that there is another Primordial God and Demon with a very special identity. God and demon, but this Primordial God and Demon does not appear much, and its status is no less than that of the three quasi-god emperors.Similarly, the other two gods and demon palaces are the same. They are controlled by three quasi gods and emperors. Similarly, each god and demon palace has a special ancient god and demon. As for the identity, Lan Yanyun is not very clear, just knows that even The three quasi-god emperors must give three points of courtesy.In addition to listening to what Lan Yanyun said, Shanghai also recounted some strange records about the previous wild world, as well as some insights since I practiced. To ordinary people, the attractiveness of these things can only be regarded as ordinary, but for Lan As far as Yanyun is concerned, it makes her listen with gusto.Although her knowledge is not shallow, she is confined to the Nuwa God and Demon Palace, and she cannot go out, so that everything she hears is the secret of the Nuwa God and Demon Palace. Naturally, she is not interested in these things, and the only thing that makes She is interested in the outside world.