There is also a free workshop specially set up for casual practitioners. There are places where casual practitioners, or some sects and family children sell their collections, just like its name. It is very free and can sell anything. As long as someone buys it and pays a certain amount of Lingshi to rent a place.

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The poster showed his own name, because he saw that the costumes of these three people are extremely old, not from this era, nor from the middle of the gods. Instead, they look like strong men in the ancient times, and the surname of Di Luo was extremely ancient in the ancient times. He couldn\’t remember how old it was for a while, but what is certain is that this surname is definitely the surname of a certain tribe in the ancient times.Shanghai? This name is a bit weird.It doesn\’t look like the name of our era, it seems to be the only strong man in this era. Di Luoye touched his chin.Shanghai\’s pupils shrank slightly.But it doesn\’t matter, the spirit realm now is different from before. The strong people of any era are the same, and there are many strong people of your age in our clan. Di Luo Ye smiled, and immediately lowered. He asked: \”Would you like to be my physical shield? I can pay you a lot of money. Seeing that you don\’t have any cultivation skills, how about I teach you cultivation?\”Di Luo Ye! Di Luo Xuan frowned.Haha, I\’m joking, don\’t mind. Di Luoye shrank his head, obviously a little afraid of Di Luo Xuan, quickly scratched his head and smiled.Spiritual Realm…Have you returned to the spiritual realm?Shanghai looked around, and saw that the earth was covered with lush ancient vegetation, and there were a large number of fragments suspended in the sky. This scene had already told him that he had returned to the spiritual realm, and here Before, he passed the teleportation array.In other words, Mu Ningxue\’s two daughters also came to the spiritual realm, and they may even be nearby, or they may have already gone far. Where are they? I can only take a look at the sound transmission stone. As soon as I think about this, Shanghai looks at it. When I saw the empty right hand on my right hand, I couldn\’t help but startled.Gone…Tian Gang Jie was gone, and Shanghai\’s heart sank suddenly. This Tian Gang Jie had been carrying him all the time, and he was missing. Could it be… the perception quickly spread out, and silently enveloped the three people in front of him. , But no trace of Tiangang Ring was found. Obviously, it was not taken by the three of them. It might have been dropped nearby or lost.Why doesn\’t he speak? Di Luoye felt a little bored.This fellow Taoist, since you are all healthy, then I will leave first. Di Luoxuan arched his hands. Seeing that Shanghai did not answer, he didn\’t say anything. He immediately turned back and left, Di Luo Ye and Di Luo Ye and Di. After taking a look at Shanghai, the two Luo Zi left one after another.Regarding the departure of the three brothers and sisters, Shanghai didn’t say much, but the other side had blessed him for a period of time. It was a kindness. Of course, this kindness would be paid back later. The most important thing is to find the Tiangang ordination as soon as possible..Perceptively, Shanghai walked in the dense jungle, looking for Tiangang Ring. Although he could not use his cultivation power, his physique was extremely powerful. His walking speed was as high as 50,000 times the boundary speed. Searching around.No, still not…Where did you go?