Today, the fight took place at the gate of their Dan Martial Arts Association. Liu Qiaoling, who had nothing to do today, took a disciple to the door to watch the excitement. The friars who dared to fight in Qingcheng were also brave. Although it was nothing to the Dan Martial Arts Association, it was not so for others.

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The Six Profound God Sovereign swallowed that sentence, because once it roared out, it would inevitably cause a lot of trouble. Although he was not afraid, it was not a good thing for Shanghai.How could this kid know the emperor skill, and it is still a complete emperor skill, then the moves he swung before… the face of the Six Profound God Venerable became extremely strange, could it be the prelude to the use of this emperor skill? That\’s right, when those moves were split, they were already very weird.Look again now!Sixth Profound God Venerable had already understood.Nine rebellious moves, performed nine times in a row, and the last one is the most terrifying ultimate move. Shanghai used it like this, it should be because its own realm is too low, so it keeps gaining momentum, otherwise it will not shoot 80 times in a row, only Only in this way can this trick be presented.This kid…The Six Profound God Venerable had no idea what to say, and stormy waves surged in his heart. Even Bi Yuelan, whom he valued most, could not make him have such a big mood swing, and Shanghai, a guy who was not optimistic about him, It has subverted his cognition time and time again.Although the Six Profound God Venerable didn\’t want to admit it, he had to admit that Shanghai\’s potential was indeed better than Bi Yuelan…too many.Emperor Technology!Not everyone can cultivate.Even if you are a generation with extraordinary aptitude, you may not have the opportunity to successfully practice emperor skills, and the Six Profound God Venerable feels that the power of Shanghai\’s emperor skills is extremely terrifying and contains a kind of extreme destructive power. Once it is swung out, It will inevitably lead to earth-shattering power.Oh, it\’s a mistake… Six Profound God Venerable sighed helplessly, and he had to admit it.boom……Started!The Taishi Emperor\’s skills were completely activated, and the entire road against the sky was completely distorted, and the two connected ancient temples shook violently.In the distortion, the incomparable destructive power killed the three young alliances. Faced with this terrifying attack, the three young alliances were completely moved. In an instant, the three were completely involved. In this terrifying power of attack and killing.suddenly!Three strands of imperial prestige emerged from the sky, and the three young leagues were all transformed into the luster of imperial weapons, and the terrifying defensive power was in front of him. Qianye’s was a pair of imperial weapons bracelets. Turn into the debut Dao Boguang, resisting in front of him.Xingluo’s is a crystal chain that wraps him all in it, while Moyu’s is a palm-sized disc. The three imperial artifacts instantly cancel out all the power of attack and killing, but even so, the Taishi emperor’s skill It is not only the power to attack and kill, but also the will of the god emperor.Bang bang bang…