The old man with black hair carefully watched the 24 broken thunder pills on the plate, and he couldn\’t help feeling excited. The pill that is so difficult to refine has such a high rate of success. The last time he was full of pills, and there are so many pills for three circles of pills. He is far from reaching such strength!

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A part of the inheritance of the ancient god Emperor Yu actually exists in a secret place.Once this news spreads out, it will inevitably detonate the outer layer of the entire heritage site. By then, I don’t know how many people will flock to that secret place. However, this news shouldn’t come out yet, otherwise the emperor Shengtianzhi will not be there yet. Will be so calm and relaxed.Shanghai\’s eyes flickered for a moment before he said, \”Is it related to the Emperor Seal when entering that secret place?\”Friend Lin Daoist is right. Only those who hold the emperor seal can enter the secret realm. Each emperor seal can carry a different number of people. The first emperor seal can carry more, allowing fifty people to enter. The female sage Tianzhi slowly said: \”The remaining emperor seals will be reduced in order, and the ninth emperor seal can only carry ten people.\”Hearing this, Shanghai understood why the emperor Sheng Tianzhi had to fight for the first emperor seal. If the number of fifty people can be carried, there will be a lot of advantages in the secret area. Of course, he It is estimated that this is only part of the function of the first emperor\’s seal. As for the other functions, the emperor Sheng Tianzhi obviously concealed it deliberately, but he didn\’t tell it because it was unnecessary.Entering the secret land this time will inevitably encounter some dangers. The risk of the secret land is second, and the key is the rest of the emperor seal holders.The rest of you know? Shanghai frowned.Most people certainly don\’t know it, but the secrets of the land of inheritance are known to the four imperial palaces, as well as the four kings of the ancient times.Speaking of this, the emperor Sheng Tianzhi paused slightly, and then said: \”When I enter the secret land, I will inevitably encounter the four Primordial Kings and the successors of the other imperial palaces. I am afraid that there will be competition at that time, friend Lin Dao. The ability is not weak, but I don’t know the abilities of the four young kings and the successors of the other imperial palaces, right?\”I really don\’t know, please let Her Royal Highness inform you. Shanghai responded.They are able to describe it in words. It is too shallow and difficult to judge. The emperor Shengtianzhi smiled, and her slender white arms slowly lifted, only to see a bead blooming with a peculiar halo. Up her palm.This is? Shanghai frowned.The Transfiguration Divine Bead is the only one in the Tianyu Imperial Palace. This thing can hold many elephants. After the emperor Sheng Tianzhi finished speaking, she lifted her right hand and the beads swayed slightly, followed by waves of light. Everything in the surroundings changed instantly, and the hearts of the four people seemed to be incorporated into the beads.Immediately!The sky was torn apart, and a black shadow slowly walked out. This person has a handsome face, a strong evil spirit in his eyes, and a long hair that flows back and forth like waves. The moment he saw this person, Shanghai felt a powerful oppression. And danger.At this time!Two men and a woman appeared on the opposite side. All three of them were kings of gods. They were wearing the deacon robes of the Tianyu Imperial Palace. The agitation of the whole body was extremely shocking. It gave Shanghai the feeling that it was not inferior to Situ Ding. Above him.I don’t know what the evil man said, causing the three god kings to be furious. After a while, the three god kings shot one after another, and these three shots turned into four reincarnation magic skills, and each reincarnation magic skill The hidden meaning has reached an extremely high level.Shanghai has already seen that these three kings are more than just a little bit taller than Situ Ding, and they are simply too much taller, and under the combination of the three, their strength is even more terrifying. In the case of hole cards, it is also difficult to confront the three.At this time!