\”Don\’t worry.\” Jian Xi felt sorry for Xiao Siyu\’s lack of security.

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No need to be polite, Shanghai, you come with me. Zong Wenbo waved his hand and cast his eyes on the side of Shanghai Road.Yeah! Shanghai nodded.Zong Wenbo flew slowly in front of him, followed by Shanghai, a little curious in his heart, what is the matter with the peak owner looking for himself?After the two flew for a while, Zong Wenbo slowly lowered his figure.Shanghai realized that this road was the road leading to the main peak behind the main hall. After joining Dingtian Peak, he wanted to go to the main peak, but because he didn’t have time, he never went. What is the purpose of bringing him here?The two walked on foot towards the main peak.I practiced at the age of twelve, and reached the peak of the gods at the age of 60,000. At my age, it should be difficult to reach the level of the gods, but because the former peak master gave up my life and blessed me, I reached the gods. I have lived for more than 30,000 years. Zong Wenbo said slowly without looking back. The voice was a little low, as if he was reminiscing about the past, his tone was a little hesitated.Shanghai did not say anything.Regarding the origin of Dingtian Peak, he had heard Zhu Bushui and others say that it has existed since the ancient times. It was originally Dingtian Temple, and many gods were born, and even a quasi god emperor was born. , But in the end, like many inheritance forces, it still declined.The reason why it was later accepted by the Temple of Dry Heaven is because Dingtian Peak once produced a quasi-god emperor and once had a strong inheritance. In addition, Dingtian Peak will stand forever, and the inheritance may appear one day, so The Temple of Dry Heaven only included it as one of the thirty-two peaks.Zong Wenbo was originally the master of Dingtian Temple, while Yan Luo and the other three were the original disciples in the temple, who were also trained by Zong Wenbo. Therefore, the three of them had an inseparable feeling for Dingtian Peak, and they did not leave because of this. Dingtianfeng.In fact, many disciples have joined Dingtian Peak over the years, but none of them stayed because the inheritance here is almost cut off, leaving only some basic inheritances, and what Yan Luo and others have cultivated is not the inheritance of Dingtian Peak. , But some of the more powerful inheritance that Zong Wenbo won from the Temple of Qiantian.However, my aptitude is dull. I have cultivated for almost 30,000 years, and I am still able to do so. The Dingtian Peak is in my hands, and I have almost lost…Zong Wenbo\’s tone is extremely low. It is no wonder that his own qualifications are not very good. The reason why he became the inheritor of Dingtian Peak is mainly due to his loyalty and conscientious work. That is why the previous peak master will pass this burden to him. .Shanghai, although you have been sealed by the ancients, but you have not missed your heart, this is commendable. And I am getting older, and can only live for hundreds of years at most. Although Yama is good, his disposition is similar to mine. Too loyal, this kind of character is good, it can make Dingtianfeng a smooth transition, but now there are only four inheritors in the peak, once everyone leaves in the future, the Dingtianfeng inheritance will definitely be severed…When Zong Wenbo said this, he paused, then suddenly turned his head and looked at Shanghai, \”Are you willing to take the position of Peak Master?\”I?Shanghai was startled, and immediately shook his head and said, \”Peak Master, I am afraid that I am not up to the task. I don\’t like being restrained myself, so I don\’t want to join any sect. This time I entered the Qiantian Temple because of the looser regulation here. Besides, I am under the ancient seal, I am afraid I will not live for a few years…\”I have basically no rules to fix Tianfeng. Just let it go, and only when something happens inside the peak, the peak owner will come forward to deal with it. Zong Wenbo smiled and said immediately: \”As for the ancient seal on your body, it\’s not. No chance to lift…\”Are you able to contact? Shanghai shivered.