\”Ah! My original name was mo Jianxi, but my father – Oh, my father married another woman and gave birth to a brother. He didn\’t want me and my mother – mother, so I removed the surname, but the Jane surname of my mother.\” Jianxi temporarily swallowed the name of my parents several times and replaced it with the usual \’father and mother\’ here, She thought of the man who looked very attractive to a middle-aged man and answered softly.

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Thousands of Primordial Yinlings roared, constantly biting the Winged Dragon Snake King. They had no physical body, but they actually gave birth to real minions. Although each Primordial Yinling did little harm to the Winged Dragon Snake King, their number was small. It is extremely large, and it continues to surround it. In a flash, the scales of the Winged Dragon and Snake King flew up and down, and bloodstains appeared everywhere.The Cthulhu will have broken free, and Shanghai has taken it back into the Tiangang Ring.We must leave as soon as possible…Shanghai stared at the Nantian Boss who was waving the spirit banners, as well as the Pterodactyl Snake King who was constantly being bitten by the Taikoo Yinling. If this continues, the Nantian Boss will definitely kill the Pterosaur Snake King.Unexpectedly, the power of this soul-calling banner was so terrifying, the Primordial Yin Spirit waved out, even the Pterodactyl Snake King could be injured.suddenly!The Pterodactyl Snake King, who was being bitten by the Primordial Yin Ling, suddenly raised his head, opened his mouth and spit out, a large cloud of venom burst down like raindrops, and after falling into the void, it turned into a cloud of poisonous smoke, which was instantly enveloped. In the area of ​​millions of miles, these poisonous smoke layer after layer.Shanghai, who was about to leave, his face suddenly changed, because he was also enveloped by these poisonous smoke, and quickly converged himself so as not to absorb the poisonous smoke, and at the same time quickly released his divine mind, but it was just when the divine mind touched. At the moment of these poisonous smoke, Shanghai found that his spiritual thoughts had been blocked.This was the first time that Shanghai encountered this phenomenon. He groaned a little, and pushed it out with a palm, spurring the palm of the wind with the power of the palm, but when the power of the palm of the wind fell into the poisonous smoke, it turned out to be like a clay cow into the sea, without a breath.Unable to push… this poisonous smoke is weird…Shanghai is trying to wield a stronger attack and killing power again, but the moment it is touched, it is still the same as before, it is difficult to shake the poisonous smoke, watching the poisonous smoke that surrounds the circle and completely obscures the field of vision. , He suddenly remembered something, his expression suddenly frightened.Poison Dragon Cloud World… Shanghai murmured, his expression becoming extremely solemn.This poisonous dragon cloud realm is neither a formation nor an enchantment. It is a unique innate ability. Generally, it occasionally appears on highly poisonous creatures. When cast, it will trap people in it like formations and enchantments. Toxic smoke will constantly change with the manipulation of highly toxic creatures.Those who are trapped inside will be slowly sneaked into the body by the poison inside. When they are accumulated to a certain level, these poisons will burst out completely. By then, the characters trapped inside will be poisoned to death on the spot. In this, spiritual sense and perception cannot be used, everything can only rely on luck.Of course, if the strength is extremely tyrannical, it can also be broken directly with the advantage of strength, but it must be higher than the poisonous dragon snake king. With the ability of this poisonous dragon snake king, at least it is above the level of the gods, unless It is the high-level god general who made the move, and perhaps it may be forced to break open.Unexpectedly, this poisonous dragon snake king would have such a terrifying talent.The Poison Dragon Cloud World will change every once in a while. If you don’t go out while it’s changing, you’ll get deeper and deeper. Although I am now blocked, I was far away from the Poison Dragon and Snake King. Now I must go out as soon as possible. …Shanghai vigilantly scanned the surroundings to prevent the poisonous dragon and snake king from attacking and killing at any time, and at the same time quickly flew, according to the memory, toward the outside of the poisonous dragon cloud.Soon……Shanghai felt that it was getting closer and closer to the exit.