\”This Taoist friend doesn\’t know what to do with Jane Xi?\” Jane Xi looked at the monk in his twenties who was almost as tall as himself and had only been in the foundation period.

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Ow…The earth-shaking roar came. It was the painful voice of Tyrannosaurus rex. This is a process of inheritance, so it will inevitably be painful.Shanghai noticed that there was half a crystal in the Golden Wing Roc’s mouth, which was transformed by its life-long cultivation and strength. It was originally thought that this thing had been exhausted, but it did not expect that half of it remained, accompanied by it. The body kept burning, and the golden flames became more and more vigorous.Successive lines of inheritance are continuously injected into the body of the Tyrannosaurus rex through the body of the golden winged roc, and the body of the Tyrannosaurus is becoming more and more transparent. The traces of real dragon blood contained in the body are extremely high Long Yin.Inheritance, can different Primordial Fierce Beasts carry on inheritance? Ji Mian asked in surprise.It should be limited to a small number of Primordial Fierce Beasts, Lan Yi said. She is from an ancient tribe. Although she has lost her memory, she can still know it based on some common sense.really!Different types of Primordial Beasts cannot be passed on, but some Primordial Beasts are not within this limit. They are true dragon descendants. Although Tyrannosaurus rex has only a trace of true dragon blood, it is indeed true dragon descendants.Feeling the inheritance of the Golden Winged Roc, Shanghai took a deep breath. He who possessed Tianjue could see that the inheritance of the Golden Winged Roc was extremely powerful. In the Primordial Era, the Golden Winged Roc was ranked The top ten fierce beasts, but for some reason, their strength has dropped a lot now.However, the inheritance of the Golden Wing Roc is undoubtedly very strong, even if the Tyrannosaurus can not absorb all, as long as the absorption of the first part, plus a trace of real dragon blood, will be enough to last a lifetime.Huh…The Golden Winged Roc made the final sound, and then its head was gradually turned away by the golden flames. The remaining inheritance was injected into the Tyrannosaurus with the golden flames. At that moment, the Tyrannosaurus rex\’s mammoth body violently There was a shock, and the earth trembled, and the area of ​​tens of thousands of miles was swayed by a foot.A round of golden flames continued to circulate on the Tyrannosaurus rex, and its original huge body had undergone a wonderful and special change. I saw that all the blue and black scales turned into gold, and there were even lines inside. The feathery streamer was turning.at the same time!The body of the Tyrannosaurus rex gradually became smaller, and the outer golden flames surrounded it round and round, and then became harder and harder, like a giant egg, and now you can see the Tyrannosaurus inside through the egg. The bloated body was gone, and it became more and more slender. Behind it, there were two big bags. The big bag seemed to be squirming, and then it broke out. It was a huge pair of gold. wing.Seeing such changes in the Tyrannosaurus rex, the two of Nimbi and Lan Yi were suddenly dumbfounded, because these changes had exceeded their cognition.However, Shanghai\’s gaze was staring closely, because this change of Tyrannosaurus was not inevitable, but accidental. As for the appearance of Tyrannosaurus today, he thought of an ancient and powerful beast——the dragon. Peng, that was the fifth-ranked existence among the fierce beasts, five ranks higher than the Golden Winged Dapeng.In the ancient times, Long Peng was tyrannical and tyrannical, and even more fierce than Shura Dragon. Anyone who was targeted by him was almost endlessly endless, but no one knew how Long Peng came, because it never gave birth to children. There is no spouse here, as if it appeared out of thin air.Now, Shanghai finally understands that Longpeng should have appeared by accident. It was formed by the inheritance of the Golden Wing Roc by the descendants of the true dragon bloodline. It may be that the Golden Wing Roc felt the true dragon bloodline of Tyrannosaurus Rex Breath, you can use your mouth to light the heavenly ring.Watching the eggshells continue to harden, the Tyrannosaurus rex figure gradually disappeared, and even the spirit of Shanghai could not penetrate deeply.