\”Want to break through? Hum, you don\’t know how powerful my array is, do you? \’Jane Xi thought in her heart and muttered in a low voice. The four Shangguan didn\’t hear what she was talking about.

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The fifty-three leech worms that pounced on were immediately shocked by the spiritual sense, and after landing, they continued to pounce on the ground, so fierce that even the Nantian Boss was shocked, and quickly continued to use the spiritual sense to densely spread. Whole body, so as not to be invaded by leeches.at this time!Shanghai has already shot.Taishi Nine Styles, Second Style!At the same time, Gongsunhai and other seven old monsters also took action. With the experience of these old monsters for many years, how can they not see that this is an excellent opportunity.boom……The power of Badao attack and kill severely hit the old monster Nantian.chant!Heimang rose into the sky, and both were shaken apart at the same time.The old Nantian who had been injured long ago, with only 30% of his strength left, was shocked and retreated three feet on the spot. He stepped into the ground fiercely. A mouthful of old blood couldn\’t help squirting out, and the injury worsened again. The Nantian old monster suddenly The anger is unrevealable, and it is more than a shame to be injured one after another.At this time!Fifty-three leeches rushed past again.Upon seeing this, Gongsun Hai and other seven bosses shot again, but this time Shanghai had retreated for a while, because he keenly felt an extremely dangerous aura exuding from the Nantian boss.Suddenly, Old Monster Nan Tian raised his head abruptly, and his pupils shot two green lights.call out……The two old monsters did not have time to react. One of them was penetrated by Bimang\’s head, while the other was penetrated by the right arm. The former crashed down, while the latter\’s right arm completely exploded, and the entire right chest It was completely shattered, and it had obviously been hit hard.The two old monsters died and the other injured. The expressions of Gongsunhai and other old monsters changed instantly, but their attacking power still hit the old monster Nantian, knocking it back by a mile, and the latter was shocked. I have to spit out a mouthful of old blood again.You all deserve to die… and this stinky boy… Old Monster Nantian\’s face became savage, and he saw his mouth suddenly sucked, and a mouthful of blood spurted out, with the blood coming into his body, his aura Suddenly changed, became extremely powerful.Gongsunhai and other old monsters suddenly changed their expressions, but he didn\’t expect that the Nantian old monster would not hesitate to waste his blood to restore his own strength.50%!