\”What are you doing here?\” Hua linger\’s tone was as bad as ever.

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Shanghai didn\’t hesitate, shook his head and said, \”I\’m really sorry, I have a teacher and you can\’t join any sects. I\’m here this time, just want to see the Taishi god pattern.\”got rejected……The expressions of Gu Tianya and others changed slightly.The twenty-odd cultivators in the distance were even more shocked. The suzerain personally asked whether he would like to join the sect. If anyone present, he wanted to immediately agree to it. You know, this is the suzerain personally recruited into the sect. No matter how bad he was, he was directly a disciple of the Nei Zong, but Shanghai refused.Brother Lin is in no rush, can you first listen to what I am waiting for? a veteran god elder couldn\’t help but say.Yes, listen to the conditions first.Right, right, right! The other elders of the gods attached and said.There are no disciples in the world who cannot be dug out, just what a price it has to pay. A successor who understands Taishi Nine Swords is so important to Ancient Xuanzong. From ancient times to the present, people who understand Taishi Nine Swords are also very important. There are only three ancestors.If Shanghai emerges, if it can grow up, it may become the fourth ancestor in the future.The existence of each ancestor is of great significance to Ancient Xuanzong, because every generation of ancestors will reach their peak during the hundreds of thousands of years of existence.These gods and elders had made up their minds long ago, and in any case, they must keep Shanghai in the ancient Xuanzong, and must not let him be taken away by the other sects.Brother Lin, if you are willing to join the Ancient Profound Sect, I am willing to open the sword pool three times to give you refining. This sword pool has the hammer\’s residual essence, which can remove excess impurities from the body. In addition, it can also extend the lifespan. A god elder said.Also, if you enter my sect, you can cultivate the highest cultivation method and make you the number one core disciple.The treasure house in the clan, let Brother Lin take any one.There is also, the first ancestor of the Houshan Enlightenment, Brother Lin can enter without time limit….Stunning conditions are constantly promised from the elders of the gods, not to mention those disciples who have been speechless, even the deacons are short of breath. These conditions are more than generous, they are simply to lift Shanghai to the sky. NS.Looking at the excited expressions of the gods and elders, what does this mean? It means that if Shanghai agrees, it will be ranked first among the peers of Ancient Xuanzong, enjoying the envy of the peers to the red eyes.Even, it will be cultivated by Ancient Xuanzong with all his strength.All kinds of envy and jealousy were all concentrated on Shanghai. These deacons have all cultivated for thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years, but they have never been treated like this before, even if it is one of the conditions, it is difficult to obtain.