Not to mention the happy coachman, it was said that when the two brothers and sisters entered the inn, they caused a sound of inspiration, which was much more sensational than the scene in the inn when they were in chejian city.

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Ling Zhantian, it\’s not that we recognize the counsel, but we are over. Do you really think that we can fight tens of millions with 400,000 combat power? Unless, like you, we are all at the level of the third world noble. Maybe there is still a possibility of a battle. A gray-robed old man said in a deep voice, his voice a little jealous.Yue Shan, what do you mean by this? Ling Zhantian\’s eyes drenched.What\’s the meaning, you know for yourself. The gray-robed old man snorted.The rest did not say a word, because Ling Zhantian and Yue Shan were fighting each other in a day or two. As early as when they were young, they were opponents. Later, with excellent aptitude, Yue Fan kept pressing on Ling Zhantian. , And finally entered the temple of the ancient gods, and became one of the elders of the temple. Due to the disparity in status and the injury before Ling Zhantian, the fighting stopped.And after the ancient gods were swept by hundreds of world powerhouses invaded, many powerful branches of the ancient gods were broken, including the line where Yue Shan was originally located, and suffered heavy casualties. In the end, there were only more than ten people left, and They are all young and strong.The Lingshen line had only broken some branches, and the main clan was intact.certainly!This is because the descendants of the Azure Dragon, Bo Yi, have been specially blessed. In addition, the Lingshen line has also received extra care over the years, especially Lingzhantian, the four great sacred beasts even turned aside, allowing him to enter the guardianship. Practice in the deepest part of the Holy Land.In the deepest part of the mystery, Ling Zhan Tian received a special Primordial Inheritance, and thus broke through to the level of the Third World Zun in one fell swoop. Good things fell on Ling Zhan Tian, ​​plus the four great sacred beasts also took special care of him. , So that Yue Shan\’s heart was quite dissatisfied.Of course, Yue Shan wouldn\’t do anything to Ling Zhantian. After all, the enemy was currently unwilling, so he would occasionally ridicule.Hehe… Don\’t you just be jealous.What about jealousy… The two quarreled in public.The first wave of strong people has arrived, about 130,000! The descendant of Qinglong Bo Yi opened his eyes, and the voice spread throughout the hall.coming……All the strong are stunned, and they have put away their frustrations. Anyway, there is no way to go. No matter how frustrated, it is of no use. Even Ling Zhantian and the two have put away the quarrel. The enemy is currently at most. It\’s just a quarrel, what to do or what to do, and will not fight ignorantly. With this strength, they naturally kill more.For ten years!There are so many powerful men who have fallen. Even the many elders of the ancient temple and the Lord of the temple have been killed in accidents. Of course, there are also strong men who have risen. Some of the older generations who had no ambitions are fighting repeatedly. In the process, continuous breakthroughs.Ling Zhantian and Yue Shan looked at each other. Although they snorted each other coldly, they knew that this might be the last battle.Wow…The strong men stepped away from the main hall and swept outwards.