The refreshing Jian Xi also remembered that he had released the God of war and Xiao. He hadn\’t played with them for a long time.

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Brother Tai Xun, are you leaving too? Don\’t plan to stay for a while? Shanghai greeted with a smile.No, staying for a year is enough, and it doesn\’t make much sense to continue. Tai Xun shook his head.Okay! Let\’s go out together? Shanghai said.Um!Soon!A group of people walked out of the light gate calmly.After exiting the Guangmen, more than five hundred eyes were immediately focused on Shanghai, which made Shengmu and others immediately heightened their vigilance.My lord! I\’m here to fulfill the promises of the past years. The strong man headed up and said, his words were full of respect.Forget it, no more. Shanghai waved his hand.No need… The more than 500 strong people present were startled.Let\’s go, Shanghai said.This year, he has searched enough in the blood table of the gods, and the power given by these powerful people is many times more than the 80% he wants to obtain. The blood of his ancient demon has reached the level of nearly 10 million high-grade gods. More than 80,000 drops, so that the first stage of the ancient demon sacred body reached its peak.Therefore, the harvest of Shanghai this year is already very big, and there is no need to search for these strong people.Thank you, my lord! said the leader gratefully.Thank you, sir!More than 500 strong people shouted loudly, and some even almost cheered. This unnecessary 80% is enough for them to improve a lot.Your grace, you will never forget it in your life, if you need something in the future, just mention it. The leader of the strong said, and left.The other strong men also spoke up, the same sentence, but this time it was not a casual perfunctory, but a promise.Watching this scene, Tai Xun didn’t say anything, but he looked at Shanghai more highly. He used 80% of the acquisition in exchange for the promise of the strong. It has already made a lot of money. You must know that the strong will not promise easily. Once promised , Will return.呲…