At this time, the boy had seen the red light in his sister\’s eyes. He was so frightened that he threw himself on his mother and cried for his mother to give him some protection. Why did his sister become so scary? Those eyes were red and very strange.

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There was a sneer in Shanghai\’s heart. If Shenfa really regarded himself as a descendant of the True Nether God Clan, he would not send a strong man to chase him down, nor would he destroy the entire spirit and god line. For the True Nether God Clan, he has always been I don\’t have a good opinion, and I don\’t even bother to become a member of the True Underworld God Clan.I hand it over, you will spare me? Shanghai asked uncertainly.I don\’t want to talk nonsense with you, I will let you live, but it will definitely abolish all your abilities. You have such abilities as you are so young. I don\’t want to provoke a terrible guy to myself in the future, so I will abolish you. It is necessary. Shenfa said.Stop me… Shanghai took a deep breath, \”Well, that\’s the case, then you don\’t want that thing…\” As he spoke, he pinched a storage bracelet and pressed his five fingers slightly. , The storage bracelet made a clicking sound.Do you dare… Divine Magic was shocked, and wanted to make a move.I don\’t dare, you can definitely kill me, but before I die, this storage bracelet will definitely be crushed. Then you will go to the endless void to find that thing. Shanghai sadly Smiled.Shenfa quickly took his hand back and stared at Shanghai with a gloomy look. After a while, he said: \”Okay, I won\’t waste you, and even give you a way to survive, how about?\”Just these conditions, I want my parents to risk their lives to obtain something? You really think I don\’t know, this thing is my parents obtained from the special secret realm of the upper heaven of God\’s Domain? There is not even the king of God. A place that is easy to step into…what can be obtained from it, even if it is not a treasure, is a top treasure. Spare my life and let me make a living…Shanghai sneered and said, \”If I had been running away before, you really thought you could catch up with me? Don\’t forget, you have been chasing me for half a month.\”Hearing these words, Shenfa\’s cheeks suddenly tightened, and his expression became uncertain. These words almost touched his sore spot. After chasing Shanghai and the others for half a month, these guys were like slippery loaches. , Not only did not catch up, but let them run farther and farther.Divine Law, do you really think you have the advantage? If you are not sure, we will stay here and wait for you to fail? Shanghai said in a deep voice.Shenfa took a deep breath and glanced around inadvertently. He was suspicious and cautious by nature. If it hadn\’t been reminded by Shanghai, he hadn\’t noticed that this place seemed a bit weird. Could this kid really have any killer skills?As soon as he thought of this, the gods could no longer calm down, and looking at the look of Shanghai, he looked confident and confident, which strengthened this idea. He, who was originally unscrupulous, now has a trace of fear.Although he is a god, there are too many special places in the battlefield of gods. Even if the gods fall into these places, they may perish. He has never been in the future, and there are a lot of temple ruins around him, saying There is really a dangerous trap here.Suspicious, the divine magic gaze scanned the surroundings frequently, divine consciousness constantly swept the surroundings, and carefully scanned all the 100,000 li area. The frowning became tighter, he didn\’t notice any dangerous traps. Instead, only Young Master Tun Xi hung in the air, motionless.Young Master Tun Xi…Divine Fa\’s eyes flickered, and suddenly he remembered something, his face changed suddenly, and his divine consciousness quickly swept around again. He caught three different breaths, two of which were very special. Although they had become very light, he still Perceived it.Divine Spiritual Cultivation…Shenfa recalled the past. When following Young Master Tun Xi, they had arrested a divine and supernatural cultivation, and finally was taken away by Young Master Tun Xi.At the beginning, he didn’t know why Young Master Tun Xi needed divine spiritual cultivation, but as he was about to leave the battlefield of divine spirits, he received a secret message that for Young Master Tun Xi’s divine spiritual cultivation, Very important role.