\”Well, Xi\’er, don\’t talk about me. It\’s been more than a thousand years. It\’s not certain whether she is here or not. Maybe she fell down more than a thousand years ago. I shouldn\’t hold this hope. If I hadn\’t broken in that time, I would have been terrified. Where could I sit here and chat with you? Well, now let\’s talk about you. Look at you What\’s the good thing about driving? \”

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suddenly!A silhouette came out and grabbed the golden curved blade with one hand.The speed was so fast that Yilan and the others couldn\’t see who it was at all. They only vaguely saw a figure emerging, and there was a sudden thud in their hearts. Could it be that Shanghai left the customs? At the thought of this, everyone was overjoyed. If this is the case, then everything they did was not in vain.呲…The golden curved blade was abruptly grasped by the figure\’s hand, and it was difficult to cut it off.And the appearance of the figure slowly appeared, and the moment he saw this person, no matter who it was, it was full of surprise.It\’s not Shanghai, but the god of the gods of the True Underworld.How could this be?Yilan and the others looked at each other. No one thought that Shenyao would shoot at the moment when Ming Yuyan was about to be beheaded, and the person who took the golden curved blade with one hand was even more shocking. How terrifying is the strength of.Shen Yao… Shen Hai was extremely surprised.Shen Yao, are you crazy? Do you know what you are doing? Shenyu hurriedly shouted. However, he did not step forward, and even Shenhai\’s golden curved blade could catch it with one hand, showing that Shenyao\’s strength was much higher than they expected.Of course I know what I\’m doing.Shen Yao\’s voice was a little hoarse, \”The Shanghai mother saved my life. I owe her mother a favor, and I still give him a favor today. I will never owe each other. What do you think of this explanation? I don\’t want to do this, but If I don’t do this, I will not be able to pass my own level, and I may not be able to enter a higher level in the future because of this incident.\”Shen Yao, I will tell my ancestors about this matter… Shenyu said solemnly.Shenhai waved his hand, staring at Shen Yao and said, \”Then what are you going to do next? Can\’t break with our True Underworld Protoss?\”The ancestors have the kindness to know me, I will not break with the true gods, I have already paid back the favors, as for what you are going to do, that is your business. Shen Yao let go of his hand, his figure flickered, and fell. I was in the distance, watching with cold eyes.Hearing these words, Yi Lan and others\’ hearts again raised their throats.Shenhai didn\’t say anything, he shot again, Yokoshou slashed towards Ming Yuyan again, the Book of Underworld resisted in front, but only slightly resisted, it was shaken open, and the golden curved blade slashed down…Ming Yuyan quietly closed her eyes, she had tried her best.boom……