The man’s muscles undulated like a dragon, and each piece contained incredible physical strength. His arms tightly clasped the tail of the Xuanyan holy tortoise, squeezing it hard, and the solid scales were actually covered by the man’s arms. It was crushed, and there was a cracking sound, and blood began to shoot.

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Sister Lan also found out?The white-faced man standing on the other side said, \”Well, half of these strong people come from hundreds of worlds, and the rest are from different small worlds. Some of them may not even be recognized by me. One world.\”These hundreds of worlds seem to be ruled by the gods… Yi Lan frowned.The dominated world… The other attendants and guards couldn\’t help frowning at the same time.It made me happy for nothing. The one-horned man suddenly showed his displeasure.There are two million small worlds, one is independent, and the other is directly controlled by the gods’ domain clan. Of all the small worlds, the gods’ domain clan controls nearly 800,000, while the remaining 200,000 are controlled by the gods’ domain clan. It is an independent small world.Yilan and others are young strong men who have grown up in these independent small worlds. They don\’t have a lot of affection for the ruled small world, because those who can\’t be regarded as small world alliances can only be regarded as servants of the gods\’ domain.Don\’t worry, it\’s just a small and a half, and most of them come from a small independent world. If there are one or two who can pass the attendant assessment, it will be a good thing for us. The white-faced man said.The others nodded slightly, their eyes revealed deep expectations.Yi Lan didn\’t say anything, glanced down below, and suddenly noticed a figure in the crowd, her beautiful and unparalleled face revealed a hint of suspicion.Sister Lan, what\’s the matter?I feel that person is a bit special… Yilan\’s blue pupils changed slightly and turned into golden black, with a certain unique pattern in them. The moment she swept the figure, her body There was a sudden tremor, and he couldn\’t help taking a step back.Sister Lan… The others were shocked and quickly stopped Yi Lan.I\’m fine…Yilan\’s face was pale, his eyes still staring at the person below, \”This person has actually cultivated to the second world noble level of reincarnation…\” There was a trace of strangeness and tremor in his words.what?Second World Honored Level…The rest of the attendants and guards shook their bodies, and couldn\’t help but lock their eyes on the handsome man in luxurious clothes, with anticipation and excitement in their eyes.The Second World Zun is also extremely strong among the guards. If this person is a strong person in an independent small world, once he joins their team, it will give them greater help, even if it is with the guard of the gods. When confronted, they also have absolute capital.However, the next words of Yilan, like a basin of cold water, poured through the hearts of these people, \”This person is a strong man in God\’s Domain.\”